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Achieve Clarity,  Great Trust and Communication, Authenticity., Motivation..and Fun At Your Workplace - Become A Successful High Performer

Transformational Leadership Coaching with Light-Up isn’t about staff engagement. This is IN-gagement, and it’s a game changer. Taking you and  your team through the Light-Up programme will give your business a complete re-boot . We guarantee it won’t be what you’ve experienced before – we don’t do conventional ‘box ticking’.

Leading Edge

Entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals are inherently driven to innovate, inspire and strive to be the best they can be. Power Living with Light-Up in the business arena will give you a ground-breaking edge, resulting in more authentic communication, more confident decision-making, greater personal motivation and the courage to reach further and make a bigger difference.


The Light-Up set of executive coaching tools gives you and your business a complete re-boot from the inside out. Operating from a place of self-assured certainty, professional people move out of pure thinking and into a deeper knowing that amplifies existing capabilities and means.

We all know about the importance of blending IQ (intellectual intelligence) with EQ (emotional intelligence). Be prepared to activate your SQ (spiritual intelligence) for outshining your competition.

Performance Enhancing

You and your team will be able to dissolve obstructions, bring people on-board and foster greater trust in relationships with clients and colleagues alike,
connect and engage with others on a deeper level of truth and fluency and recognise issues (even the previously hidden ones) more quickly, as well as find and deliver solutions that may not have been visible before and fulfill and develop both personal and business goals with a sense of certainty and enjoyment.

Practical Tools

Light-Up in the professional environment illuminates blocks that may have been stifling business growth. By identifying causes, you can transform results. Old symptoms fade away in the light of renewed creativity, progress and flow. Armed with practical tools that enable you to take action, your business and career can shine brighter than your competition.



  • How can we generate absolute clarity and a rock solid sense of direction?
  • How can we create instant motivation and energy – when we’re feeling flat or overwhelmed?
  • How can we manage getting out of being stuck and into solutions – freeing yourself from people and situations that weigh you down?
  • How to have difficult conversations – how to be heard, and guarantee a constructive result?
  • How to create better team collaboration and an alignment of goals and values?
  • How to improve relationships – building trust and cooperation within the workplace?
  • How can we build and maintain resilience - in the individual and the team?
  • How to remain calm in stressful situations?
  • How to make healthy judgments and decisions with the understanding what really matter?
  • How to deal with and implement change – recognising how it affects you and those around you?
  • How can we create and develop a can-do culture – authentic teamwork from the inside out?
  • How can I be an effective leader and engage others – identify common mistakes of engagement, and learn how to inspire people instead?
  • ...and finally: How can we support courage and create a bigger impact?

"“My Light-Up was a euphoric experience and not something I had expected. I now use a different vocabulary, my posture has grown and my new-found self belief is wonderful. The benefits of the new me within my working environment are highly noticeable and my confidence is right back where it needs to be”."

Michelle Goodwin
HR Manager, Watling JCB

"“It is no wonder that traditional ‘coaching’ hasn’t been particularly effective for me and others I know, and why at best it takes an age to work and often is transient. Light-up in comparison is immediate, life changing, and life lasting as it comes from within”"

Rick Player
Managing Director, Event Paramedics

"I now feel renewed, empowered and serene. Walking thru life fluently and joyfully. After having fought my whole life struggling and feeling unsatisfied, I chose a new program : An easy and joyful life. And that is exactly what’s happening for me since I did the DNA Lightup sessions with Claudia. Thank you."

Life Coach

"This was a real transformation for me - and right after the sessions things started falling into place for me, opportunities started opening up and Claudia is kind, compassionate and fun to work with. I can only recommend everybody to go through the process!"

Josh Levent
Business Designer

"In a few short sessions, Claudia opened me up to a new perspective that has allowed me to deliver more powerful communications and gain authentic connections. With helpful tools and practices, I both feel and am more confident in my actions. A truly wonderful experience AND community to be involved with. "

Angela Sauvage

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