The Light Up Solution - Application for Monthly Pro Bono Session

Every month I'm giving away a full Light Up Package with 2 (in person) or 3 (via Zoom or Skype) sessions, which have the capacity to change your life (definitely did that for me!).

I'd love to learn more about you before we start working together and before deciding if you're liable for a Pro Bono package, which I normally charge at 1490 $ (or 1490 CHF if you're in Switzerland).

OF COURSE ALL information will be treated absolutely confidentially, even if you're not being chosen for the sessions.

Thank you very much!

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First name, last name

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My best e-mail address

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Tell me about what you would like to address during the sessions and WHY you'd like to address those topics (issues, problems, situations, feelings)

Question 4 of 10

What would you like to achieve during the Light Up Sessions - what is the ideal outcome?

Question 5 of 10

If you have worked with another coach in the past, tell me about your best coaching experience OR if not, please tell me what you expect from your coach.

Question 6 of 10

Are you willing to take full responsibility for your results and play 100% at cause in your Light Up Session?

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What would it mean for your life and/or business if your main issue was resolved?

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Why do you believe you're liable for a pro-bono Light Up (value 1490 $) with me? What is your current situation?

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Are you willing to give me a written/video testimonial with your name and photo attached and do you agree to pass 2 referrals to me after our sessions?





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Anything else you'd like me to know or you'd like to ask (I will answer your questions via e-mail to the address you've given me)?

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