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For business professionals who choose to lead - themselves and others - with courage, clarity & confidence. And human. Who are ready to get their life back & create their new story.

What Our Clients Say

"Personal leadership is “the only leadership that’s going to matter in the 21st century.”  (Peter Drucker) 

In a Time When Leaders are Often Gasping for Air, Personal Leadership Breathes in New Life

The famous and late Peter Drucker said personal leadership is “the only leadership that’s going to matter in the 21st century.” Reason enough to BECOME THE LEADERS OF OUR LIFE.

For me, Personal Leadership is the kindling within.  When we (re)ignite the the inner flame or light, we unleash what we’re really capable of.

It means designing, creating and defining the ideal we want to live our life by connecting with our innate powers, which might have been suppressed for years.

When we master Personal Leadership, we'll become more fulfilled, know our purpose, achieve better results, have more joy and peace of mind, feel motivated and inspired...and we're getting our life back.

In business it means higher productivity, increased creativity, innovation, resilience, speed and quality.

Sounds all great, right?

But, HOW can we even achieve that? 

Imagine how it would feel.....

…if you had a clear vision of your life, you knew what mattered the most to you and you had the energy and confidence to go for it. Consistently.

…if you could adapt, manage and direct your mindset & heartset so that you can find & tap into your immense and  magnificent power on demand?

…if you knew the secrets of ALL relationships - romantic and in business

…if your health was better than ever and you knew how to manage your energies so that you can focus on life. And love. 

...if you could master all difficult situations in your life with ease, real resilience and courage

...if you could shine bright EVERY day, creating the success you want, inspiring others and living with joy and fulfilled


Personal Leadership 5.0 Building Blocks

Vision: Find your Purpose and Motivation

Find out what really matters to you: what feeds you heart and soul? Knowing where exactly you want to be and where you want to go is essential to stay focused and live the life we really desire and deserve.

Reprogram your Mind, Become Confident

Your mind & soul are powerful. Learn how to access this power and to tap into it "on demand" so that you can  finally live the life you want, gain more self confidence, make better decisions  and trust yourself.

Meaningful Relationships on all levels

Boost your relationship with yourself and others. The heart of a fulfilled life. Learn how to engage and connect with  others in a meaningful and successful way, boost your resilience and become an inspiration! 

Energize Body, Mind & Soul to Feel Alive

Lacking energy? Feeling fatigue? But you have little time and no idea how to combine busy days with a healthy lifestyle? Learn here how to improve and maintain energy levels and motivation sustainably.

Boosting Productivity: For Better Results

In the modern world with all the distractions we need perfect tools and systems which actually work. With tons of apps out there it's hard to know what works. Let's go back to the basics.

The Next Level: Become A Master

This is all about how to get to the next level. With all parts of our live aligned and in sync. To be in in charge and become the person and create the success and reality you really choose. 

"We don't have business problems. We have personal problems showing up in our business."

Meet Claudia, Personal Leadership Trainer & Activator


This is the second business I have been building up after my corporate career - and this time I am finally in a place where my heart is.

l am combining all the knowledge, experience, scars and joy that I have accumulated after almost 30 years, certified in a number of different methodologies and poured the best of it into a program, which unique and ground-breaking. This combined approach shifts lives! 

Years in the exciting and dynamic IT industry have shaped a good part of my path. It was the perfect place to start a great career and juggling hundreds of millions in a multi-national IT company was fun. 

Smooth journey?

Not at all. I did not always succeed. This is probably where I learned the most. And even now it is still rather bumpy sometimes with supporting two young adults to find their own paths and building up the most exciting business of all I could experience so far.

I'm happy to accompany you on part of your exclusive journey.

How To Get Started to Become A Personal Leader

Don't quite know where to start? Let's find out together. During my journey I developed a Personal Leadership 5.0 Framework, which is the essence of many years of learning, experimenting, failing, testing and finally finding a path that works. It's crucial to start with the foundation, "Personal Leadership Fundamentals", a journey that will shift your life in 3 intensive sessions and puts everything in place you need to build the next steps upon. Can't wait to work with you!

Claudia's Blog: Watch & Read About Personal Leadership