"Communicate to Connect"

communication skills
to create
vibrant, powerful & deep relationships
& become a world-class impactful,
 & inspiring leader

9 Weeks
9 Modules
1 Process
Online & Live Sessions
Tangible Results

Starting on January, 10, 2021

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We're closed for this course...and re-open in fall 2021

Hi, I'm so thrilled that you're here. Listen to why it's never been more important to connect . Not just with others, but also with who we really are. To build communities and teams that support each other with compassion and use ALL your potential and power to thrive, to create impact, to feel alive. Here's his approach will radically change the quality of your relationships. Because you deserve it. 

Hope to see you in fall 2021! 
 - Claudia

Claudia Hesse, Personal Leadership Expert, Founder The Better Workplace

Show me the course details!

Harness the power of this brand-new and unique approach
to get people hooked on working with you
and to build rock-solid relationships
with yourself, your team(s) & your clients
for quicker & outstanding results 

(I let you in to a little secret: THE PROCESS WORKS FOR PRIVATE RELATIONSHIPS TOO... just saying)

“If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.” – African Proverb

One of the best and most sustainable ways to leverage your time, creating fast results, excellent relationships & high-performing teams is through learning how to communicate effectively.

However most communication techniques you can learn are not sustainable and rather result in frustration than results, leaving you puzzled as to why this did not work out.

In the "Communicate-to-Connect" hybrid course (online plus live sessions) you’ll learn how to communicate in a way that people actually want to listen and are ready to be influenced and co-create with you. Communication that gets your team & clients (bonus: and your spouse) hooked on working with you (or buying from you) over and over again as it builds trust and deep relationships.

Laura, CSO Unima,  Mexico

I was "that" person that had the most amazing toolbox and did not know how to use the actual tools. And I wasn't aware of it. I had, after all, read the books, and followed the trends.

I've been working with Claudia and she has been a game changer on many fronts for me; she made actionable what was only at the level of a concept. Her wisdom is ubiquitous.

She has mirrored to me, many, many times, my blindspots. So far, the result has been, a more fulfilling life, a better understanding of how I create value to others and how to communicate better with my team. She will have an impact on me, my family, and my company for many years to come.

Renée, Head of Futura, Switzerland

Sustainable – that is the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about the outcome of working with Claudia. Many things have changed for me and in our team:

We have all developed a completely different awareness for one of the most important elements of communication: Active listening. The way of how we talk and deal with each other has changed drastically – this is simply WOW. All of the participants wish to deepen their learning and are even prepared to sacrifice a day at the weekend for it. Even those from the team who are new to the team and did not work with Claudia yet – as they feel and see what has changed and what’s possible.

Anthony, WHO Switzerland

Claudia's sessions changed me in the most profound way. There were many surprises about myself, such as the words I would use with myself, and despite believing that I had a well-developed survival strategy, she opened my eyes in a way that enabled me to make improvements that were effective on the spot.

One of the biggest results was that I managed to kick years of procrastination out of the window. My internal 'dialog' on not doing things, or taking risks had taken hold deeply rooted within, but it was actually incredibly easy with Claudia's help, to achieve an immediate cessation - on this factor alone, I cannot thanks Claudia enough! 

A different and unique approach

Unlike traditional programs that only deliver information (which sounds great and ultimately does not work sustainably), Communicate to Connect is a brand new kind of program that builds a rock-solid foundation by combining the psychology of communication, universal truths & the latest neuro-scientific knowledge and practical exercises to create an unforgettable experience that gets you tangible results for you & all your relationships (regardless if professional or personal).

And the best part is that anyone can do it - only though if you are willing to commit and curious. Whether you’re just starting out in your own business or as a leader in the industry  or if you're a seasoned leader, but you know you could be doing better when it comes to communicating or some of your relationships are just not where you wish them to be, you're going to learn how to communicate successfully and have great conversations that get real results for real people.

You'll discover:

  • How to navigate difficult conversations with grace and ease that ensure the best possible outcome for all involved
  • The secrets of being heard and making requests that others are inspired to fulfill
  • How to set boundaries without hurting your relationships, so that you and others can thrive
  • How to deal with negative emotions on your or other people's side and turn them into allies
  • How to avoid becoming defensive or adversarial during navigating issues

The Results You Can Expect

More Happiness AND Greater Success

According to the longest Harvard study ever (70 plus years and running), relationship & social bonds are  THE key to well-being (even health!) and happiness. And happiness increases success. All of it starts with the quality of the conversations and communication we're having.  So, let's talk.

Notably Higher Confidence And (Self)Trust 

Communication starts with YOURSELF. What you think, what you tell yourself all day long - OR as a reaction to what someone said to you. All depending on our beliefs and patterns. Immediately followed by emotions - often those we don't ask for nor enjoy. Uncover the power of words, the traps and blind spots you didn't know existed!

Being Heard - Communicate So That Others Listen

Everybody wants to be understood. And heard. That though seems to be one of the most difficult aspirations to achieve. Because most of us don't know the most crucial first step to even get there. We'll make sure you do. And that you can apply it - professionally and personally.

Master Difficult Conversations - Boundaries & Feedback

Raise your hand if you like difficult conversations! Yep, me neither. The thing is - they are often necessary. To set personal or professional boundaries. Or to give feedback that might be difficult or uncomfortable. One of the most critical leadership skills for now and in future.

Get Unstuck: Faster & Better Alignment & Solutions

Got a different opinion than someone else? At work or at home? This can end up in endless discussions or arguments  with emotions running high and everybody involved being unhappy. And the communication being stuck. Here you'll learn reliable pathways out of that! 

Mastering and Generating the "Right" Emotions

Communication and emotions go hand in hand. Almost always. Unfortunately, conversations often trigger the "unwanted" ones - frustration, anger, pain, shame... you name it. Knowing how to deal with those and how to transform them is one of the keys to successful communication. And brings your power & control back.


...should you choose to accept it is
To become a master communicator having transformed...
 … so that you can create UNSTOPPABLE & POWERFUL RELATIONSHIPS with teams & clients (and your family) based upon respect & care resulting into you becoming a respected leader, aligned communities where all members belong as they are, working towards a common vision and goal with joy.