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With Nutriwhizz You...

Save Time

Never ask yourself again...what do I cook today? Rather spend your time with the things that matter and leave the planning to us!

Live Healthier

Real ingredients, simple recipes, done in 30 minutes. Balanced and rich in everything your body (and soul) needs.

Spend less money...

....and waste less food. Good planning results in both. Healthy for your budget, great for the environment. You're a star!

Here's What Members Are Saying

Imagine how it would feel... be energetic each and every day look and feel better than ever feel great about your food, knowing you've given your body and brain the "right stuff". Every day. have fresh, super tasty meals for yourself and your family every day, easily prepared in less than 45 minutes - WITHOUT daily shopping. become healthier, maybe even lighter and not experience those sudden cravings throughout the day anymore?
...and finally to waste far less food and to save money

The Truth Is...

...that is already reality for many people just like you. So how did they do it?

Guidance + Action + Community

"It's intimidating, unless we have a mentor to walk us through"

What messes up most of us is a gap between taking in a lot of information and then bringing all of that into action.

On a sustainable basis.

That's where NutriWhizz and myself come in.

You've probably done lots of learning and might be utterly confused meanwhile. It's all too much and you don't know how to start or to get to the next level of health. Besides that it's all too time consuming.

Don't want to break it to you this way, but nothing's going to get better by just reading up and learning more and more. You might even have learned too much by now!

I can't fix that  - so why would you work with me?

Here's the secret formula:

Guidance plus action plus community.

"But I do know what this is all about..."

You've learned a lot already. Maybe even joined a health club or subscribed to get recipes on a regular basis. And it still did not work out. I know. How does a bunch of recipes and tons of information thrown at you help, if there is no guidance.

And you might have come to those kind of conclusions:

  • Good Nutrition is complicated. What the heck IS healthy? It seems to change every 5 minutes. So we don’t even try to understand and learn about what is good for us. Or it’s the contrary: We learn so much and contradicting information that we’re confused and give up.
  • Preparing healthy food is time-consuming so more often than not we don’t bother to even start.
  • Healthy food is expensive...and not very tasty . As a result we’d rather go for the convenience stuff and don’t even try when there’s a tight budget and we're afraid to lose all the joy with food...healthy can't be tasty, right?
  • Nutrition is only a matter of calories anyway. Hence we eat whatever is easily available and might even have the right weight. And still feel fatigue and a major lack of energy.
  • My nutrition is not that important – can’t see any negative impact of what I am eating: Eating unhealthily is not like cutting yourself: the consequences cannot be seen immediately. They will kick in eventually though: be in terms of becoming overweight, feeling tired a lot and not having any energy to go for the life we actually want.
  • Clarity and plans are for business, not for health. Hence many of us don’t have a health objective in place, hence there is a lack of focus and direction…and planning. This leads to lots of time wasted and erratic eating behaviour.
  • I have no idea where to start! I literally don't know anybody who does not like to live healthier and better. Nutrition is a big part of it. You know: this input/output thing? Making the first step is essential. If we don’t really know where to start, we don’t. That happens. I get that.

    You are not alone - many people I have spoken to and worked with feel similar pains. The reality is that lots of people face the same issues to some degree or another...

The NutriWhizz Monthly - That's What's Inside

I will be at your side, every week. And help you getting a handle on healthy food: I take the planning of your shoulders.

  •  You will get A 5 day ready-to-go menu plan every week for a balanced and healthy diet. Constantly. And the beauty: all meals are prepared in 30 minutes on average. Takes longer to order and wait for a take-away....
  • Including a complete shopping list, even structured in a way to whizz you through the supermarket!
  • Recipes all tested by me. Personally. Be sure I have cooked EVERY recipe I suggest. If it's not great, you won't get it. Simple as that.
  • Quick & healthy: My recipes don't take longer than 30 - 45 minutes. I know because I have cooked ALL of them and checked the clock. I am nobody special  nor a professional chef. If I can do it, you can too.
  • Collaboration with nutrionists: I know a lot about cooking and have common sense..well, most of the time - and the lovely nutritionists I work with help me validating that ALL the stuff is REALLY health. So you're in safe hands and get the best of both worlds.
  • Monthly webinar/video interviews..where I disclose not only my nutrition secrets, but give you access to in-depth knowledge about tons of useful stuff in terms of food and health...and help you finding your way. So - come in and find out (hmm, sounds somehow familiar...can't quite pin it down..)!
  • Community: Talk to others who've already tried out  this way of nutrition and get hints and help from each other! Great way to stay on track!
  • No risk: If you don't like what you get, you can cancel any time. Really. Any time. My promise to you.



Why work with me?

Fair question. Let me tell you a bit about myself - then you can make up your mind.

Hi, Claudia here. I love food. Tasty food that is. This is probably why I've not gone through any diet to lose weight in the last...let me think...24 years and my weight is in fact still the same as back then. And I am fitter and more energetic than ever. I started preparing and cooking meals in my teenage years. Not quite voluntary then, but this helped me a lot later in life. I've tried all sorts of nutrition trends, learned about food, spices, herbs and all aspect of nutrtion for decades...and finally came to the conclusions you'll find in the NutriWhizz. I've been following this way of eating now since years with the result that I've not been ill for years and my energy levels are high. Constantly. I improved the concept over time - to make it easy and doable for everyone.

And now I'm sharing it with you. Yes, you.

On the personal side I raised 2 fantastic kids on my own and build up a business after a corporate career.

Hey, I know I can help you. To become healthier and more energetic without having to jump through hoops. Or to spend more money. Rather the contrary. And on top you're doing something for the environment. Really? Yep - indeed.

Get in touch with me if you have any questions. I will answer personally: [email protected]

So Here's The Deal With All The Details

  • 5 day ready-to-go menu plan every week (downloadable pdf)
  • Including a complete and structured shopping list (downloadable pdf)
  • Step-by-step instructions of all recipes
  • Weekly video to explain and elaborate a bit on the choices for the recipes of the week - with some extra tips and tricks disclosed!
  • Real life pics of the food - not photo shopped or manufactured.
  • Exclusive community for all NutriWhizz members
  • Access to ALL of the program during your membership
  • Complete e-book with all recipes of the year at the end of each year
  • BONUS: 9 Day Smoothie Challenge with recipes, shopping list and daily videos with tons of amazing information
  • No risk: If you don't like what you get, you can cancel any time. Really. Any time.
We're in Switzerland - so why do we charge in US $?

We're doing all our nice guides, plans and online courses in Switzerland - so why do we offer and charge in US dollars? Well, that is simple: We have customers from all over the world, hence keep it as international as possible. I get that you need to know what that means for the currency you're working in  - so here we go for a better idea. Hope that helps.

1$/day = 0.77£ or 0.91 Euro or roughly one Swiss Franc. (Status quo April 2017)