Personal Leadership Academy Monthly

Living and Leading Authenticly & Courageously  in The Digital Age

...Empowering leaders who dare to be real...

We'll be launching our program in January 2019...more information is coming soon with all the juicy details of what we're going to cover (boy it will be A LOT).

Leadership starts with ourselves. And unless we become Personal Leaders of our own life, we'll struggle to lead and inspire others...noticed and learned it the hard way!

So, if you're a real, courageous and authentic leader, strive to live a relaxed AND successful life in this crazy fast world - get on the waiting list to be in the loop for details which we'll disclose soon. 

Ok, ok...can't keep it for myself: here are some pointer where we're going with this:


This Academy is special to me, as it allows me to put all the concepts I've experienced, learned and taught  - from High Performance Mastery to Team-Management Systems and of course the heart of my program - The (game-changing) Light Up Solution - into monthly units for you to use as daily practices for everyone who decides to step up, to be courageous and lead the way in their own life and inspiring others. 

Concepts that I needed and which make a huge difference in my life.


Here's a peak view of what's to come: 

  • Learn how to become and stay resilient so that you can deal with all the issues life throws in your way (without the exhausting overwhelm or falling into a black hole). 
  • Re-programming your mind for better & quicker solutions and the courage to be you (Getting rid of self-doubt and fear)! 
  • Energy and motivation rock - particularly when we have it. Learn how to keep yours up sustainably.
  • Setting healthy boundaries

...and more to come.

Sign up to get on the waiting list for staying informed....NO WORRIES, YOU'RE NOT BUYING YET! (just saying).

Speak soon

- Claudia 

Claudia Hesse  (The Better Workplace and The Light Up Solution)