"Claudia was recommended to me through a friend at a time where my company sought a leadership coach for me. From the first moment of her coaching sessions I felt very comfortable and noticed that Claudia is a true professional in the leadership coaching arena. The unique feature of her is that she has seen and lived both worlds as a leader in the corporate world and a coach for leaders. This makes Claudia special because she understand the pitfalls of the corporate environment. With genuine empathy she developed a tailored coaching program for me, that guided out of the corners where I got stuck. She has plenty of tools and uses them in a very intelligent fashion, well-dosed, timely and again with great empathy for the trainee's situation. She showed me where my strengths are and taught how to manage my weaknesses. She enlightended my views of conflictual situations and empowered me to handle complex emotionally rich situations. We used f2f meetings and modern telecommunication means both in equal amount, and I have not noticed a difference. So if you are on the other side of the planet, don't be afraid, Claudia manages distance coaching equally well. Finally, I have seen a few coaches and trainers, all excel in their domain, but Claudia offers a full package that any trainee can benefit from. I truly recommend her as a highly professional coach."

Thomas Rueckle
Chief Development Officer, GenNeuro Geneva, Switzerland

"I was "that" person that had the most amazing toolbox and did not know how to use the actual tools. And I wasn't aware of it. I had, after all, read the books, and followed the trends. I've been working with Claudia for the past 8 months and she has been a gamechanger on many fronts for me; she found me exactly where I was at, and made actionable what was only at the level of a concept. Her wisdom is ubiquitous. She talks a lot about understanding and feeling your core essence and creating a multidimensional vision in a super simple and practical way; she has showed me really actionable ways to change my brain, aligned with the biggest picture of my personal life project and my heart. She has mirrored to me, many, many times, my blindspots. So far, the result has been, a more fulfilling life, a better understanding of how I create value to others and how to communicate better with my team. She will have an impact on me, my family, and my company for many years to come."

Laura Mendoza
Chief Product Officer & Founder, Unima, Santa Isabel, Mexico

"Claudia conducted a session on Truth Speaking at the Rejection Bootcamp 2019, held at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. The participants loved her presentation. They found the tool she offered very simple, useful and powerful. Claudia has an amazing presence. She makes people feel at ease with the unease. Thank you, Claudia"

Biliana Vassileva
Senior Social Innovation Coach, Consultant & Trainer Rejection Bootcamp, Geneva/Switzerland

"Sustainable – that is the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about the outcome of the workshop with Claudia. Many things have changed in our team: We have all developed a completely different awareness for one of the most important elements of communication: Active listening. The way of how we talk and deal with each other has changed drastically – this is simply WOW. All of the participants wish to deepen their learning and are even prepared to sacrifice a day at the weekend for it. Even those from the team who could not join us in the workshop – as they feel and see what has changed and what’s possible."

Renée Classen
Founder and Management futura Montessori Day School Baar/Switzerland

"Claudia and I worked together at various points in the past, first when she was my customer, then we became colleagues and then recently I became her customer when she agreed to help me work through how to address my work life balance and plan a new business venture. I found her program and her approach to be refreshingly different and deeply helpful. Don't expect her to do the work for you - you'll have to think things through for yourself but she is a great coach and her ability to get you to make big leaps in your thinking is immense. As a result of working with her over a period of a few months (including a difficult personal time when I had a bereavement of a close family member to deal with) she was supportive and also tough at times. The hours we spent together were very effective at getting me back on track when I wavered from the path we had mapped out. I'd recommend her very highly!"

David Spate
VP Global Sales, UK

"After being made redundant for the 3rd time in 16 years, and although after the initial shock, I was actually happy about the decision that was made for me, I decided that it was time to dig deeper within, scratch away at the soul a little and see, perhaps, if I myself had contributed anything towards what appeared to become, or at least I perceived to be, cyclic events. Around about this time, and by chance, somebody within my network had written a post about their amazing experience with Claudia on LinkedIn. I got in touch with Claudia and went to her with an open mind and without any expectations and left her sessions changed in the most profound way. There were many surprises about myself, such as the words I would use to describe myself, my past, present, and future expectations, and although I already had what I perceived to be a pretty well-developed survival strategy regarding my day-to-day existence, she opened my eyes in a way that enabled me to make immediate self-improvements that were effective on the spot. One of the biggest and most immediate results was that I managed to kick years of procrastination out of the window, it was really that strong. My internal 'dialog' on not doing things, or taking risks had taken hold deeply rooted within, but it was actually incredibly easy with Claudia's help, to achieve an immediate cessation - on this factor alone, I cannot thanks Claudia enough! It’ll take continued practice, but I now have all the tools I need to succeed in my professional and personal life with the deep realisation that there’s no difference between the two, and that it is completely possible to be genuine in both scenarios - in fact, that’s the key! Claudia is really an amazing person to talk and work with. She’s warm, kind, open, brings a fountain of positive energy and makes you feel welcome and at ease. I thoroughly recommend Claudia and wish her continued success in all that she does"

Anthony Finnerty
Project Manager/Senior Designer/WHO

"This was a real transformational experience for me, I walked in to change and improve two areas of my life and walked out with these 2 areas being transformed - and right after the sessions things started falling into place for me, opportunities started opening up. Claudia is kind, compassionate and fun to work with. I can only recommend everybody to go through the process!"

Josh Levent
Business Designer

"When I met Claudia, I was in a radical life changing phase and, on top of that, was looking for a new job. I was somehow lost in what I had to seek for, what I was feeling, what I had to show, tell and demonstrate. Claudia is a bright, attentive and very professional woman. She helped me value my true self, my skills and my values and she made me aware of my full potential. Words are important to me, so her making me feel aware of their power was really a trigger point. She took the time to understand who I was and what my major fears and resistances were. She was of a great help. I would like to recommend her warmly. "

Executive Digital Transformation

"In a few short sessions, Claudia opened me up to a new perspective that has allowed me to deliver more powerful communications and gain authentic connections. With helpful tools and practices, I both feel and am more confident in my actions. A truly wonderful experience AND community to be involved with. "


"I wish I could express my gratitude for what you did for me today. It's like I can't find words to thank you enough! I already feel myself at a better position! It was great! Thank you for all those awesome tips."

Deeksha Vijayvargia
Engineering Student

"Claudia is really very wonderful, she encouraged me so much, especially after a car accident I had and helped me in connecting with my inner wisdom - my yellow balloon which is attached to my heart. Your program has shown me some really helpful tools on changing my thought patterns and I'm practising the bell jar - the protective shield around me not allowing anger, rejection, sadness, frustration from others, to effect me. What can I do to change certain situations instead of feeling helpless and hopeless. I want to thank you so much for the many hours that you have spent with me. I really appreciate your insights, your program. It is not easy to change thought patterns I had all my life which take practice - being aware, stopping and changing my thoughts. It is all up to me the way I think. And I am becoming more aware. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. "

Judy Rafat
Jazz Singer and Vocal Coach

"I now feel renewed, empowered and serene. Walking thru life fluently and joyfully. After having fought my whole life struggling and feeling unsatisfied, I chose a new program : An easy and joyful life. And that is exactly what’s happening for me since I did the Personal Leadership sessions with Claudia. Thank you."

Life Coach

"A few weeks after my first meeting with Claudia I learned again go see the world except the frame I believed to be mine. I go though my days with a light that defines me, and I learned to interact with the world with more than my five senses. These three days with Claudia were laughs and joy for me, I recommend to every person who hears at the bottom of themselves the desire to change to follow the program. Thank you!"


Lynn Bruines, Hospitality Entrepreneur 

"After those session I really lit up and I choose to be happy. My situation did not change, but my feelings and emotions have changed. It helped me to be more confident and I was amazed how a few small things could trigger so much change. For me it was life-changing and I feel in control and charge now!"


Josh Levent, Business Designer

"This was a real transformational experience for me, I walked in to change and improve two areas of my life and walked out with these 2 areas being transformed - and right after the sessions things started falling into place for me, opportunities started opening up. Claudia is kind, compassionate and fun to work with. I can only recommend everybody to go through the process!"



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