What Is DNA Light Up?

Activating Your Power and Potential in The Most Effective and Quick Way

A bit more than2 years ago I was completely and utterly stuck. In my business. 

I had tons of ideas and my head was buzzing away.

Does not sound like stuck, right?

I still felt like it as I moved forward with speed one day, just to stop in my tracks the next and doubt my direction, my message and….ME.

So I had this call with a good friend and business partner of mine who got the whole story from me (poor chap) and he listened. Did not say a word until I was finished.

And he recommended me to see a woman he went to the previous year (no, no therapy nor a psychologist. Also – not a business coach.

“Ah – another one who wants my money for a course” – was my first thought, having have spent a considerable amount of money for my personal growth in the previous years.

So she called herself an “activator”. Someone who had come up with a rather simple, but incredibly effective process to achieve amazing results in terms of shifts, changes, epiphanies, clarity, confidence and increased resilience.

This wonderful lady – Melanie Pledger – went through hardships which would not have left many people standing – and still, there she was and on her way, she found what she called “DNA Light Up”.

5 Steps To Unleash Our Power

In the core it is a profound, quick and game-changing 5 step process, which, in its purest form,  combines experiential coaching with elements which uncover patterns in a most unusual and still playful and effective way and gives access to our deeply seated power, knowledge and basically all answers within us.

With the potential to change lives completely or to kick of a sustainable, profound change which usually develops step by step.

That’s the beauty: As different and unique we are as human beings, the different and unique are the outcomes of this process, which only takes 2 in person sessions or 3 sessions via the web to already be massively effective.

Imagine that this is a bit like putting out a seed: sometimes it falls on very fertile ground and grows at the speed of bamboo (look it up if you’re not familiar with it….it’s incredible how quickly some species can grow) or rather that of a bonsai.

Both have in common that it’s essential to tend to them to make sure they flourish and grow. If you do that on your own or with my help is up to you!

Oh – coming back to me: obviously I went through this process. I was somewhere between the bamboo and the bonsai. So, it took a moment for me to let the seed settle, root and finally grow.

With the result that I decided to certify to become an activator for Light Up. I've combined this work  with all the knowledge and experience I have accumulated in the last 30 years working in and with businesses and it's now the basis and heart of my PERSONAL LEADERSHIP framework.

I’m ever so grateful to Melanie for finding this gem. Without her, the Personal Leadership 5.0 would not have the magic and incredible effectiveness it can show up with now.

It’s a lot of science (amazing what kind of things we can prove meanwhile)

It’s a process that works.

And a bit of magic.




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