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Why Connect Munich and Leadership Center?

It all started with this question: Why is there so much pain and unnecessary suffering through a lack of knowing how to lead human-centric and value-based? This inspired us to change that - through our unique approach. This is us - Nicola and Claudia. We met at a training in the US many years ago. At the time Nicola lived in the UK, Claudia lived in Switzerland. Fast forward: In 2019 we both ended up in/around Munich - unplanned and for completely different reasons. We realized that our core ideas and values are very similar. And we're both leaders - and mums. Hence we're very familiar with the challenges combining all these roles and excelling in them WITHOUT total exhaustion . The natural consequence and epiphany: Together we're stronger and make an awesome team. Get to know us and find out!

Nicola Meier, Transformational Leadership Coach

After many years abroad in Asia, America and Europe I did return to the city of my origin –the beloved city of Munich. The time abroad has taught me a more open and international mind-set. And most importantly to see opportunities in change.

As Transformational Leadership Coach I support international oriented companies to combine both: growing their company and at the same time unleashing and developing the true potential of each individual. Work and personal development go hand in hand.

My life in different countries and the necessity to re-start my life in each country, led me to experience many situations, where the old could not persist. Instead of solely focussing on the thread and problem, I learned to see possibilities and try new things. Just a few examples:

For our first stay abroad I did quit my job and had no work permit. I used this opportunity to do something I would have never done before. I painted in an Art Gallery and learned Qi Gong. To do what I truly love and to build a deep connection with myself are still to principles that guide me.

When we moved to the US, it was the time of the financial crises. With all the support for entrepreneurs, I thought now or never. I became certified as a coach and started my own business. This offered me the opportunity to support leaders in a time of personal and professional challenge to unleash their full potential.

These are some of the questions we can answer together:

Clarity of direction: What is the clear direction, so that your steps are aligned with your greater vision? How can you bundle your power, on what truly matters?

Identify your milestones: What is the most important now? What has the biggest positive impact for you and your company?

Lead with inspiration and unfold your full potential: How can you create new possibilities feeling fully empowered?  How can you create a space of inner connection, trust and safety - for yourself and others?

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Claudia Hesse, Personal Leadership Coach

Former Executive building a community to empower talented women in leadership.

Having spent the last 15 years in Switzerland, I've made my way back to Bavaria in 2019! Lots has happened during that time - one of the main aspect: I've decided to focus on people rather than on IT.

Many years in the exciting and dynamic IT industry have shaped a good part of my path. It was the perfect place to start a great career and juggling hundreds of millions in a multi-national IT company was fun. 

And after having been a partner in a startup (the very first online magazine for IT storage) for many years, I started a second business after my corporate career - and this time I am finally in a place where my heart is.

l am  combining all the knowledge, experience, scars and joy that I have accumulated after almost 30 years with loads of knowledge built up and now empower mainly female business executives in the Tech/Biotech industry to create an extraordinary impact... and a tad of magic ;-). On top of that I support organisations to find and develop female leaders.

Just in case you'd like to know what that means - here we go: PL 5.0 for individuals & Communicate to connect for teams.

I had the luxury of living in many different places and worked with fascinating and awesome people from all over the world - hence I teach not just in my mother tongue, but even more so  in English (which has become my primary language by now).

Your journey

I'm happy to accompany you on part of your exclusive journey to personal and leadership mastery, creating clarity, direction and rock-solid confidence. 

I live on the countryside outside of Munich with a horse and a pug and have 2 wonderful children. In my free time I love to sing, read, ride and do archery...normally not at the same time though :-)


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