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The personal leadership program that helps high-achieving women in being seen, heard, and respected as they find THEIR unique path towards success on their own terms. With ease.


Activate human potentials inside yourself and in your teams you did not even know existed!


"I was "that" person that had the most amazing toolbox and did not know how to use the actual tools. And I wasn't aware of it. I had, after all, read the books, and followed the trends.

I've been working with Claudia for the past 8 months and she has been a game-changer on many fronts for me; she found me exactly where I was at, and made actionable what was only at the level of a concept. Her wisdom is ubiquitous. She talks a lot about understanding and feeling your core essence and creating a multidimensional vision in a super simple and practical way; she has showed me really actionable ways to change my brain, aligned with the biggest picture of my personal life project and my heart. She has mirrored to me, many, many times, my blindspots. So far, the result has been, a more fulfilling life, a better understanding of how I create value to others and how to communicate better with my team. She will have an impact on me, my family, and my company for many years to come."

Laura Mendoza Chief Product Officer, Unima, Mexico 


In A VUCA World (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambigious)

Leaders Who Care & Connect

What if you knew the secrets of ALL relationships - with yourself and others and could create and maintain them effortlessly and with joy? THE key to happiness and success on all levels in life and business.

Confident & Clear Leaders & Teams

What if you could can tap into your  magnificent power(s) whenever you wish, creating a more and deep confidence continuously? And have a clear sense of your direction, knowing what you want and getting it?

Courageous Leaders

What if you knew your truth & inbuilt wisdom and had the courage to speak and live it? And had all the necessary conversations in your life, to focus on life, love and things that matter?

Agile Leaders Creating Impact

What if you were respected on all levels and & would inspire everybody around you, connecting, co-creating with others in the most agile manner, fulfilled & with peace of mind and calm? While creating massive impact without stress?


I've worked in many different organisations in leadership positions: Big corporates, medium sized companies, startups (in fact I started two of those). Mainly in the IT sector - a male dominated industry. As a single mum of two. 


Determined by lots of stress, exhaustion, doubt and guilt. 


Finally I came to the conclusion that it's not the organisational structure, not the strategy, not the industry or processes which ultimately lead to (sustainable) success or (ultimate) failure.


All of the above are relevant and require attention. The determining factor though is another. 


IT'S THE PEOPLE. AND HOW THEY LEAD - themselves and others. The human beings (no, not assets). And many existing leadership trainings simply don't resolve the issues.

It took me a while to find out WHY they don't work: they work from the outside in  - instead of THE INSIDE OUT.


You already knew that? Brilliant. So let's have a closer look at what REALLY happens in many organisations.


Corporate bullshit - this is how a client called this: Hiding & politics, shaming & blaming, backstabbing, overthinking and a lack of trust, communication, collaboration & transparency & overwhelm. And a lot what is widely considered as "male" behaviour: competing instead of collaborating, positioning instead of co-creating, domineering behaviour in meetings, mansplaining.


Topped off with some difficult people to deal with on a daily basis.

Or simply a lack of real leadership. Not because we are incapable, but because no-one ever taught us HOW.


Resulting into feeling on edge, alert and stressed, a constant waste of time and energy & misunderstandings, no innovation and worst case, being run out by the competition.

Or worst-case for the individual -  anxiety or sometimes even fear of not being good enough or an imposter, lowering performance, success & results - often transforming a job that would be great otherwise into something joyless, exhausting - in one word: Stressful for everybody involved.

WHAT IF? could generate results in a relaxed and energised way, loving what you do, being respected and appreciated instead? And simply being yourself? could activate your transformational “Superpowers” that are the “deep skills” that exponentially ignite and amplify your leadership skills?


... you could make a noticeable difference which fills you with pride and joy?

... you had great relationships - with yourself and others. Real and genuine human connections which lead to co-creation of success?


... you'd inspire your team and collaboration and communication would be smooth & effective?


Sounds good to me - to you too? If so, click the button below and let's talk.

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Leading - ourselves and others - from the INSIDE -OUT. Tapping into our humanity. To make it stick (or sustainable if you prefer a fancier word).


Let's face it -  most leadership trainings don't. As they are a bunch of tools, which only last for a limited time and stay at the surface. Because they miss out the most critical part: REAL TRANSFORMATION.


I believe that everybody is a leader - or rather could be one. At least you're the leader of your own life - and in the business environment it's not your position which makes you a leader, but your attitude, your behaviour and how you think.


And that starts with YOU.


Stupid though that we often don't even know or see what limits us. 


This is were I come in. Because I can. See what holds you back that is. Detect your patterns, beliefs and BLIND SPOTS you're not even aware of. And help you shifting them (this is where the magic happens).


The good thing: it works for individuals as well as for teams. Really amazing.


As it's based on principles & the latest neuroscientific information, 30 years of hands-on corporate and startup experience and deep universal truths  - and not just tools.

ave a look at the framework HERE - if you're a visual person like me you'll get the idea.


If that sounds like something you'd like to go for, grab yourself a coffee and let's talk.


Either click on the link below to access my calendar - or let's go for the old-fashioned way and drop me an e-mail at [email protected]


Can't wait to hear from you, Claudia


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The world's most effective empowerment leadership program for ambitious and future oriented women. A revolutionary new path of experiential coaching & training and deep profound human development for achieving a high level of confidence, clarity, better relationships and an instant tap into your full potential. And this at a greater speed and clarity than you’ll probably ever experienced. 



A completely new and different approach to this ubiquitous topic will provide you with a proven path to finally get your life in balance. This is a deep dive and analysis into where you went off the path now and how to change it for good. 



Get back valuable time for the important things in life and business while mastering how to organize successful meetings (for organizers), when to attend or avoid a meeting and why (for participants). Includes 2 ultimate planners to ensure you'll never have an unnecessary meeting anymore.


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