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NEW BOOK - LAUNCHED MAY 2019: Die Br├╝ckenbauerinnen (The bridge builder) - Digitalisation & Work 4.0


Together with 5 very talented workplace and digitalisation experts Claudia has co-authored a book, which was launched in Germany in  May 2019. 

Her contribution is about Personal Leadership: "Who am I and what that has to do with successful leadership".

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"We don't have business problems. We have personal problem showing up in our business."

What Does That Even Mean?

Good question...let me explain

The world is increasingly designed to overwhelm us.

To be calm becomes a kind of revolutionary act. To be happy with our existence and to be comfortable with our messy, human selves too.

We are in the middle of the "digital revolution" which has a major effect on our job, our lives, our relationships.

A world full of opportunities...and its dark sides. A new world which requires a new set of rules, thoughts and behaviours.

I've worked in corporates. And with corporates. And entrepreneurs.

And I found that....

We don't have business problems, but we have personal problems being reflected in our business or career.

And the one thing that was present with all of them was the high level of unhappiness. Followed by self-doubt, not-good-enough feeling, fear of failure and/or not succeeding and being more or less constantly overwhelmed and overworked. 

I was in the same place - and felt the pressure and stress almost every day - until I found the key to take my power back.

Without putting "more work" and more hours in. With clarity and confidence and this portion of inner peace we all long for. 

And while being ourselves - unapologetically.

And I'm going to help you to get there. To become the Personal Leader of YOUR life, regardless of how crazy the world around us is.

So, that you can take inspired action and lead others.

How does that sound?

Grab a coffee...or a drink and let's talk (just pop me an e-mail to [email protected].) OR click below and learn more about Personal Leadership

Sounds intriguing...would love to be the Personal Leader of MY Life

Personal Leadership

Re-Vision: Find YOUR Path and Dream Life

Find out what really matters to you: what feeds you heart and soul? Knowing where exactly you want to be and where you want to go is essential to stay focused and live the life we really desire and deserve.

Re-Programming for Confidence & Clarity

Your mind & soul are powerful. Learn how to access this power and to tap into it "on demand" so that you can  finally live the life you want, gain more self confidence, make better decisions  and trust yourself.

Re-Connect in Relationships

...with yourself and others. The heart of a fulfilled life. Learn how to engage and connect with and influence others in a meaningful and successful way, boost your resilience and become an inspiration! 

Re-Energize Body, Mind & Soul

Lacking energy? Feeling fatigue? But you have little time and no idea how to combine busy days with a healthy lifestyle? Learn here how to improve and maintain energy levels and motivation sustainably.

Re-Boosting Productivity: Systems That Work

In the modern world with all the distractions we need perfect tools and systems which actually work. With tons of apps out there it's hard to know what works. Let's go back to the basics.

The Next Level: Become A High Performer

This is all about how to get to the next level. With all parts of our live aligned and in sync. To be in in charge and become the person and create the success and reality you really choose. 

  Effectively Building A Life You Love
 Become An Energetic and Successful High Performer...Without Adding More Hours to Your Calendar

Most of us want to be successful. Success, however, is a very individual perception. Fact is though, that there we all have deeply set needs in four areas - physical, mental, social and spiritual - which are highly interrelated and require a careful balance to create a life of inner balance, joy and deep fulfillment.

Most of us are also incredibly busy on a daily basis, answering to demand in all areas of life, which can leave us exhausted, depleted of energy or with no time to change anything - after all the calendar is already full.

We already have all the answers within us.

We always have had.

We’re already enough.

We always have been.

We just learned to forget.

I help you to remember - and how to re-ignite your life, your career and most importantly, your relationships.

Imagine how it would feel.....

…if you had a clear vision of your life, you knew what mattered the most to you and you had the energy to go for it. Consistently.

…if you could adapt, manage and direct your mindset so that you can tap into your immense and  magnificent power whenever you wish to?

…if you knew the secrets of ALL relationships - romantic and in business -  and found ways of managing and building up those who are important for you in business and your private life?

…if you had all the tools which have the potential to make your vision reality?

…if your health was better than ever and you knew how to manage your energies so that you can focus on life. And love. And do things that matter

...if you could shine bright EVERY day

Meet Claudia Hesse, Founder The Better Workplace, Personal Leadership Activator

This is the second business I have been building up after my corporate career - and this time I am finally in a place where my heart is.

l am  combining all the knowledge, experience, scars and joy that I have accumulated after almost 25 years with this unique and ground-breaking method of Light Up into courses, which can shift lives!

I am one of currently 20 certified activators/coaches world wide for this unique method and the first one to introduce it in my program in Switzerland and Germany in English and German.

20 years in the exciting and dynamic IT industry have shaped a good part of my path. It was the perfect place to start a great career and juggling hundreds of millions in a multi-national IT company was fun. 

Smooth journey?

Not at all. I did not always succeed. This is probably where I learned the most. And even now it is still rather bumpy sometimes with supporting two young adults to find their own paths and building up the most exciting business of all I could experience so far.

I'm happy to accompany you on part of your exclusive journey.

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The 8 Assumptions and Biggest Mistakes We Tend to Make

  • " I don't have a choice". They blame the circumstances (or other people) for not living the life they want. So they limit themselves and have the impression to not control over their life, hence accept a life style or job they did not really want.
  • We don't have clarity and plans in place. Hence there is a lack of focus and direction and even industrious activites and hard work does not lead anywhere. A lack of planning in daily life leads to permanent fire-fighting and exhaustion.
  • We have some systems in place, but most fail to deliver results sustainably: They use a lot of productivity tools, but hardly any bring success in the long run, as they miss out an important element to make it work. Again and again.
  • I can't have both: a great career and fulfilling private life. This often results in great success in one area, but still leaves you unfulfilled and unhappy
  • "I am already successful - there can't be a next step". As a result you might feel stuck and don't know why. By the way there is always a next step - even if you are already great (which I bet you are)
  • We don't look after ourselves as we think we don't have time for that (or are too tired in the evening to do so). Which in the end leaves us exhausted and worried about our jobs and life.
  • We assume that health  can take a back seat, as it takes a lot of time anyway. As a consequence a lot of people don't even try to go healthier or give up along the way
  • We postpone all the things we want to do and to experience to "later in life" or even retirement. As we think it is impossible to do them now. And might find that it's too late then.

You are not alone - many people I have spoken to and worked with feel similar pains. The reality is that lots of people face the same issues to some degree or another...

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