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Leadership Epiphanies Unveiled - Episode 1: "Ask for permission" communication feedback insight leadership Jul 05, 2024

At the end of my coaching sessions, I always ask individuals: "What was the most important bit of information or insight you took away today?" This simple question fosters clarity and focus, guiding them towards implementing real change.

I've chosen to share some of these valuable insights here....

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Are you speaking up for yourself - your ideas, your rights, your wishes? confidence courage fear self leadership self-care self-worth Mar 19, 2024

I just came back from spending a few days with my elderly mother and a topic we talked about A LOT was how to speak up for yourself. 
The reason was that we had a topic to discuss within the family where different interests and opinions had led to disagreements - not on the surface, but...

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How Stress is the (secret) Enemy of Resilience...and Excellent Leadership 1-minute-leadership wisdom performance resilience stress management Feb 22, 2024

Basically every person I talk to in the professional world nowadays tells me that they are stressed.

  • Too much work with doubts of how to prioritize
  • Disagreements with colleagues which grind on people's nerves
  • Feeling unappreciated, left out, disrespected
  • Having an immense pressure of performing...
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39 Things I wish I'd Known Earlier for More Peace, Success & Ease career lessons learned ny personal leadership relationships wisdom Jan 05, 2024

End of last year I turned 59. And during the last couple of years my learning  journey even accelerated and looking back where I was 10 years ago it seems to be a different life!

I was in a different country than today.
I had a completely different business (which I was tired of already at...

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Most Leadership Training Does Not Work (and Here's Why) being human emotions leadership leadership development training Nov 23, 2023

Wow, that is quite a claim!

Unfortunately it's true.

If you're a leader and have attend training sessions you probably know what I'm talking about.

Years ago, during my corporate career I had those - and went out believing I could tackle all sort of stuff now.

Have the difficult conversation.

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"After A Certain Age You Can't Change Anymore" age awareness change personal leadership Oct 03, 2023

"After a certain age you can't change anymore."


That's what someone said to me at a recent high school graduation anniversary. Someone I finished school with and is now in a leadership position in the chemical sector…a very seasoned leader with lots of experience.


So - I got curious I...

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5 Surprising epiphanies from a deep communication workshop communication personal leadership Sep 05, 2023

Phew - it's been a busy few weeks - hence my blog was a bit more quiet than usual. 

Work kept me on my toes, the sudden weather changes from hot to cold and back created extra tiredness in my body and taking care of some of my mum's stuff who is in her 80s came just on top of it. 


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1-Minute Leadership Wisdom: Nobody Likes Change 1-minute-leadership wisdom change video Jul 27, 2023

We're all creatures of habit. Thus - if we're really honest with each other - nobody likes change, as it pushes us out of our comfort zone....which we often don't mind if it's in terms of skills - but not so much when it comes to our own behaviour - that is MUCH harder. 

It's o.k. though -...

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[1-Minute Leadership Wisdom] What is "true" self-confidence? 1-minute-leadership wisdom personal leadership Jul 13, 2023

When I was a leader in the corporate world, most people assumed that I must be very self-confident.
To the outside world, I was always strong, I was assertive & it looked like nothing could faze me, and I had all the answers.

On the inside that looked very different.

I was often insecure,...

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[1-Minute Leadership Wisdom] Do you blame or take responsibility for how you feel? 1-minute-leadership wisdom personal leadership power of response responsibility Jul 13, 2023

When I first heard the term radical responsibility - for ourselves - I squirmed a bit inside.

Does that mean I can’t blame others and the circumstances for how I feel?



Don’t get me wrong…I’m also being influenced by the “good” or...

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Help is The Sunny Side of Control Jun 16, 2023

Currently, I'm working with 2 people who are absolute helpers and it shows up with behaviour like that: 

  • They jump into every gap that opens up in their organisation
  • They take over all the burdens from their team 
  • They stop people from doing something that could lead to unwanted...
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Productivity ≠ Worth: How To Get out of The Trap of Busyness May 05, 2023

The thing I hear from EVERYBODY I talk to is

  • I'm swamped.
  • My agenda is full to the brim.
  • I have xx meetings a day (yes, double digits more often than not).
  • I got xxx emails in my inbox to read.
  • Ehmm, I got a slot free in 3 weeks….

…you name it - basically, all that shouts busy,...

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