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For Tomorrow's Inspiring Leaders in the Technology and Biotech Business in transition



The fastest & most effective Leadership Program to spot and eliminate blindspots & transform your journey to (or on) the top-level from hustle & exhaustion to an enjoyable and relaxed experience 


Introducing the Personal Leadership Mastery Program.

From Achiever to Leader.
From Stress to Inner Balance
From Doubt to Confidence
From Overwhelm to Control
From Fear to Courage
From Manager to Confident Leader
From Senior to Successful C-Level Executive
From Overwhelm to Results & Trust
From Conflict to Courageous Conversations

Personal Leadership Experience 5.0 - Framework

Reliable results often come through proven frameworks and processes. Those which are based on PRINCIPLES, not just personal experience. The process behind this framework is exactly that. 
Quick, simple, effective  - and effective.

7+1 C’S of
Personal Leadership


External Leadership
Leading Others




High Performance



ENHANCED MENTAL FITNESS & CLARITY - finding a rock solid direction

DEVELOP GREATER EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE  - leading to faster and better communication and emotional stability and regulation

GREATER SENSE OF JOY, ENERGY, WELLBEING, INNER BALANCE,  probably the best result we can have to enjoy us, others, our job and ...life

INCREASED RESILIENCE AND REDUCED STRESS RESPONSE - dealing with highly stressful situations in a calm and constructive way

HIGH INFLUENCE as a Leader through powerful, authentic communication and engagement with others (and it's probably not what you think!)

AGILE  AND ADAPTIVE MINDSET  - leading to better and quicker decisions (out of avoiding into action)


DEVELOPING COURAGE to reach further and create a more meaningful impact

COMMUNICATIONS & CONVERSATIONS LIFTED TO A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LEVEL - creating connection,  elevated emotions, quick results and real team spirit

...and finally EXPERIENCING AND FINDING YOUR (SUPER)POWERS and learning how to tap into them on demand and how to use them to create profitable relationships in all parts of your life





I was there too..

 Overwhelmed, stressed, feeling like functioning was more important than being a human being as  a leader, permanently under time pressure. And I found that the main thing that is holding us back is often ...FEAR. Fear to speak our truth, to express what we really think or  fear to not fulfill all the expectations we feel are on us. There must be another way - that's what I thought. And this was the start of developing a new framework for leading . The thing is  - it starts with ourselves.

Relationships and connections are at the heart of our life and career. And the most important one is the one with ourselves. 

For me it is all about Personal Leadership:  The better I connect with and lead myself, the better my life will be, the better all my relationships with my partner or colleagues, boss - whoever is in my life  will be AND on top of that, the better leader for others I will become (regardless if in business or in our private life).

For months while building up the framework for the program, I knew that the heart was still missing – the infamous missing puzzle piece (gosh, how often did I chase that one in my life).

Until I found a way of connecting all I have learned in the last couple of years into  a unique way which filled exactly that gap.  And the best part: It's simple, yet incredibly profound, quick and amazingly effective and “cuts through the crap” (sorry, but this is the best way of putting it) and goes right inside to get immediate results – even after the first session.

The result: 

PERSONAL LEADERSHIP 5.0, a comprehensive program for learning how to lead yourself...and finally how to inspire others

I have re-written my own story and live the life I enjoy, gave up my previous career in IT and dwhat I love most: Working with people and helping them transforming the way they lead, live and love .

That is leading from the heart & soul. With courage, confidence and curiosity.  Inspiring and influencing the people around you. With compassion and authenticity. The only way to lead to the future.

And I show you how….

Grab yourself a coffee (or even a glass of something nice) and hop on a FREE call to start planning YOUR journey



Fact is, that I enjoy working with you most if…

You are already an experienced and creative leader or executive in your area (regardless if you’re working for someone or run your own business)

You’re a driven, ambitious, smart and open-minded individual, who strives to be the best version of themselves, as you simply know that the future of leadership is human

You’re in your prime years (40 plus…sorry Millennials) and know that the best is still coming…in life and career

You’ve already gone far down your path and you’re ready to take full charge of and responsibility for HOW you want to live and work, but just need the right direction, tools & tweaks to do so

Or you might find yourself in a major transition in your life….new business, different job, suddenly jobless, divorce or health crisis, which impacts all your relationships. 

If any of the above resonates with you – read on


If you believe that is for you...

...scroll down and read on for all your questions answered you might have – or book immediately the next available spot with me in this life-changing program.

PS: If you’ve read that far – thank you…and arrange a call with while clicking on the button below. Or book our sessions immediately!

PPS: If you’ve read this and you’re considering working with me, but would love to have this in GERMAN, go ahead. I’m offering the program in English and German – can’t wait to hear from you.



Or dip into various topics and learn whenever it suits you in PERSONAL LEADERSHIP MONTHLY (69$/month)


You want to have more control over your life, be more relaxed...and become a great leader. Of your life and possibly for others.

You simply want to get unstuck. Better relationships. Have constructive and enjoyable conversations instead of frustrating ones.

A career and life you really love and where you can be successful, happy and relaxed (oh, and know how to handle those damn messy situations that life tends to throw at us).

More courage and self confidence.

Or you move in circles and some situations in life seem to repeat themselves - in the job or in your private life. 

Or do you just know you're at a crossroad in your life or career and have lots of questions how to go from here?

Or have you been on the search for a long time...and still have not found the "missing piece"?

Out of stress into more ease and joy on a daily level, while still creating the success you wish for?

That's what you have in mind and don't quite know how to get there.

You finally want to have the key to greater clarity, stronger personal leadership, more authentic communication, deeper trust, greater motivation, confident decision-making, boosted self-esteem an greater resilience, courage and competence to reach further and make a lasting difference and getting to this next higher level in life.

You’re tired of worrying about the future or dealing with demons from the past and the same issues popping up in life, relationships and work again and again.

And you want solutions and shifts fast. And reliable so that you have a foundation to build upon for life. You want to live the life of your dreams – the one you really choose.

You're in the right place then. As it's achievable. And much quicker and easier than you might think.

The good news: it always works. and delivers reliable results.


Well, if any of the WHY's have resonated with you, this is for you.

I work with INDIVIDUALS and TEAMS.(It's always a good idea to start with you if you're the leader, if you're in a team, that's great too...then you can lead the way for others afterwards)

The program is tailored for business leaders and my focus is the technology and bio-tech industry, from startups to corporates - for the simple reason that I've worked in technology for decades and know it inside out and have worked with clients in the fascinating bio-tech industry (which in essence is not so different from other technology).

My insights will help you getting real-life advice and strategies which are practical and applicable and not just theory! 

The starting point is the Personal Leadership Accelerator Program. In its heart I'm using a deep-dive method - CoreActivation - and this is being delivered in a 5-step 1:1 program in-person or online. The program is built on 3 major intensive sessions – this is  the ignition & foundation - which are delivered in a week and will result in major shifts and amazing results, often beyond the biggest expectations. There is a lot to digest, to discover & to unlearn, so the 2 remaining sessions we’re going to use for follow-up, to turn things up and to make sure that the results stick.

I’m at your side through the whole process. Exclusively focused on you and your individual situation. You’ll always be supported and will know what to do next.

The core process is done in a week - with tangible results!

The 2  1-hour follow up sessions will stretch out  to 5 weeks in total - then you decide if and how we'll continue to work together.

Can't wait to hear from you!

PS: this is only the beginning....the next steps are to build upon the foundation and to become THE master of your life, inspire and engage others and become one of the world's greatest leaders.

And you can do that with the 3-months HIGH PERFORMANCE program OR apply for my PERSONAL LEADERSHIP MASTERY PROGRAM - an EXCLUSIVE 6-month program which is invitation only. 


It is deep, profound and based upon and incredibly fast and most effective inside-out approach (in my 30 years in business I have not experienced a faster one!) and a framework which covers all aspects to empower you to live the life and have the career you want.  

So if you'd like to see results quickly, you're in the right place.

On top of that the tools we teach are practical, experiential, and are instantly implemented. After the very first session you will be armed with real-life tools that make sense to you, and that you can use to make a difference straight away.

Besides that it's the absolutely unique combination of different elements - with some parts being experiential (means you rather EXPERIENCE instead of just HEAR) - which create an immediate and profound effect.

At the same time it's easy.... and fun (even if that word is not very business like ;-))  - I tend to laugh a lot with my clients during the sessions. The best way to learn...or sometimes unlearn.

On top of that - if you go for the HIGH PERFORMANCE OR MASTER PACKAGE, you will be equipped with everything you need to live, lead and love in such an extra-ordinary way you might have not thought possible.

As you work from a unique and profound basis, ALL of what you learn here will stick so much better and you will be able to implement it at record speed (if you're really committed) and transform your life much quicker than you've ever thought. 



There are 3 different levels of the Personal Leadership 5.0 Program:


High Performance


Here are all the details:

Personal Leadership Accelerator Program:

  • 5-week experiential exclusive online coaching program
  • 3 intensive sessions (duration in total 6-8 hours)
  • 2 x 1:1 follow-up sessions via skype/zoom, 1 hour each
  • 5-step program where you go through a journey,  identifying life-long patterns and limiting beliefs, experience and deliver hands-on tools to unleash your innate power(s) and activate your inner knowledge.

You will have:

  • Life-time access to the material which is delivered on an online platform (worksheets, etc.)

Personal Leadership High Performance Program

  • Accelerator Program
  • How to build a crystal clear vision
  • Energy 5.0 
  • Mastering Relationships
  • Boosting Productivity 
  • Re-Programming your mind

Personal Leadership Mastery Program

  • PL Accelerator Program
  • PL High Performance Program
  • Influence
  • Leading others
  • Creating trust
  • Dealing with vulnerability
  • Conversational Intelligence

Clients who went through the process achieved outstanding results in a lot of areas. In essence this is what you can expect:

  • Live and work with more ease and joy - congruent with who you really are!
  • Better relationships and deeper connections  - on all levels. With yourself, with your loved ones, with colleagues and friends.
  • Understand how to move faster through blocks and behaviours that may have held you back - basically understanding your patterns and changing them to those helping you progress in life
  • Maintain the desired focus and engagement even in the face of pressure
  • Instantly settle any anxieties, fears or stressful thoughts that make life or situations unbearable.
  • Engage with, influence and inspire those around you in a much more meaningful and successful way
  • Make crystal clear decisions that you can trust and act upon with or without pro and con lists.
  • Have an accurate understanding about people and situations 
  • Boosted resilience and focus even when in the company of difficult people (super valuable)
  • A clear vision about your life  - your North Star to follow
  • A new level of high performance in all areas of your life (continuously achieving the results you desire)
  • Tools and ways to keep your energy levels up, so that you can enjoy life, feeling ALIVE
  • A completely new level of communication skills to face EVERY necessary conversation  

The results obviously depend on the program you choose. Just send me a mail if you're unsure about what the right approach is for you - AND what major issue you're facing - then we can find out together, what is right for you ([email protected]



We arrange individual dates and times for those intensive sessions. It’s important that you have time and space and that this is really YOUR time (meaning that you won’t be disturbed).

These sessions will be very profound and deep (still easy – so no worries) and it will be a lot to take in. So make sure that you have some time afterwards to let everything sink in.

We’ll talk via skype or zoom or – if you happen to live close to me – in person. These sessions will take place within a week, so there will be options to fit it into your calendar.

You will have worksheets to print out – they will help you during the journey – you document whatever is important for you.

Yes, there is some "homework" too - that will help you getting the most out of the program and to make sure you see, feel and experience the shifts consciously. 

So yeah - it will be intense for a week and basically one day of your week is gone....you will be surprised though, how much time you can save afterwards, knowing what you're knowing after working with 

The worksheets and some more information on the individual steps will be provided in an online format. So you can access it anytime. You will be given access to the online platform directly after you’ve booked the program. Before we have the session you’ve got to print some worksheets – no worries though, the instructions on what to print when are very clear. 

If we work on Skype or zoom I will send you the links to connect with me and we'll arrange times which work for both of us - pretty straight forward.

The program works in person or via the fantastic internet - that is the beauty of it. So regardless of where you are, we can work together.

First and foremost your time. And your commitment. As you're investing in YOURSELF. 

I do expect that you pull this through and work with me, as soon as you have decided to go for it.

Yes, there is also a price tag attached to it:

Personal Leadership Accelerator:

The 5-Week Program is $1490

Personal Leadership High Performance

3 Month Program: $3990

ExclusivePersonal Leadership Mastery (only by application)

PLEASE INQUIRE THE PRICE WITH ME (just drop me an e-mail to [email protected] and let's start talking).

My work delivers great results. Always. If you - for whatever reason - believe after the first intensive session that this does not work for you, you'll get your money back. No questions asked (unless you want to tell me why).

That's my promise to you as I know that there is so much "stuff" out there in the market with lots of promises which are not always kept.

If you can't afford my packages, please apply for one of my Accelerator pro bono packages which I give away every month. Please apply here for your free spot.

In any case I can't wait to work with you!

Oh - and if you refer someone else to me after YOUR Personal Mastery Program, I grant a refund of 15% of the purchase value of your referral as a thank you for spreading the word! This is how much we value your recommendation.

You can either have an upfront call with me to get all your questions answered, which you can schedule HERE.

Or simply drop me an e-mail to [email protected] with the reference line "Personal Leadership 5.0" and I'll get back to you.

After the booking I'll get in touch with you about dates and times for your journey, depending on the package you've booked and you'll get access to the online part of the program (including a questionnaire, the worksheets and some more information) immediately. 

If you can't afford to work with me for whatever reason and you're still very keen to go through the experience (only applies to PL 5.0 Accelerator) please apply for one of my free pro bono sessions - can't wait to hear from you!

Please apply here for your pro-bono session. Based upon your answers and the applications I get I will decide who's most eligible for one of the monthly pro bono (free of charge) Personal Leadership Accelerator packages.

I will consider EVERY application and let you know personally (via e-mail) if you are eligible (which means you get it right away OR you go on the waitlist) 

I'm bi-lingual in German and English - hence I'm very happy to deliver the work in both languages. 


Claudia Hesse, Personal Leadership & High Performance Activator

Not Your Average Coach


This is the second business I have been building up after my corporate career - and this time I am finally in a place where my heart is.

l am combining all the knowledge, experience, scars and joy that I have accumulated after almost 30 years, certified in a number of different methodologies and poured the best of it into a program, which is unique and ground-breaking. This combined approach shifts lives! 

Years in the exciting and dynamic IT industry have shaped a good part of my path. It was the perfect place to start a great career and juggling hundreds of millions in a multi-national IT company was fun. 

Smooth journey?

Not at all. I did not always succeed. This is probably where I learned the most. And even now it is still rather bumpy sometimes with supporting two young adults to find their own paths and building up the most exciting business of all I could experience so far.

I'm happy to accompany you on part of your exclusive journey.



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"Congratulations for considering becoming a Personal Leadership Master...can't wait to talk to you!" - Claudia

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