Meet Claudia Hesse

Personal & Executive Leadership Expert, Coach & Trainer for Female Top Leaders
or in other words, Professional Listener, Mirror & Guide

Why I do what I do

Former executive in the IT industry, now coaching and training women, I'm here to transform the understanding of leadership - and to stop the secret "I'm not enough"-trend in business - and particularly for women. 

I have seen so many leadership courses and programs fail and met so many unhappy, frustrated, stressed or even fearful leaders that I decided that this had to change. I looked at processes, organisational setups, agile work, how to name it. 

Until I realized that there are a number of FOUNDATIONAL KEY for being a successful leader, a patient mum - and not to forget, A WOMAN. Keys which are creating a sustainable foundation. 

An absolute epiphany I wish I would have know earlier in my life where I juggled career, kids and relationships - and - if I'm honest - hardly ever succeeding. 

I want  to see thousands of deeply content, human, and successful leaders - and as a leader and mother I made it my mission to help all those fantastic women with so much talent and potential to step into their true power and truth - the place of creating a rock-solid foundation for their success: Your life. Your career. Your rules. 

Smooth Journey?

Not at all. I did not always succeed and dealt with huge setbacks privately as well as professionally. This is where I learned the most.

I had great successes too: I built a story-book career from assistant to board member in corporate IT and created a successful startup in the IT-publishing area. My biggest successes: I raised my two children as a single mum and got aligned with who I really am.

And even now I sometimes hit bumps while supporting two young adults to find their own paths and building up the most exciting business of all I could experience so far.

I'm happy to accompany you or your organisation on part of your exclusive journey.

I live on the countryside outside of Munich with a horse and a pug, my son & a horse. I love to sing, read, work in the garden and do yoga...normally not at the same time though ;-)

- Claudia

The Essence of The Journey Resulting in A Process, Framework and "The Better Workplace's" Exclusive Signature 1:1 Program for Leaders - PLeX 5.0


l have combined all the knowledge, experience, scars and joy that I have accumulated after almost 30 years in the exciting IT industry as a corporate leader,  founder of two businesses and student of various courses and certifications while raising two kids on my own with a sprinkle of wisdom and magic and lots of un-learning.

I've tested and experimented a lot. Found out what worked and what did not.

The essence of that I poured into a framework of Personal Leadership and  in my signature program: PLeX 5.0 with CoreConnection at the heart of it.

I had the luxury of living in many different places and worked with fascinating and awesome people from all over the world - hence I teach not just in my mother tongue (German), but even more so  in English (which has become my primary language by now).


Who Does Claudia Work With? 


INDIVIDUAL HIGH-ACHIEVING WOMEN: I've been working with executives and leaders all across the world - USA, South America, Australia and Europe. 

So far I have mainly focused on leaders in the IT, Biotech and NGO space and could acquire an excellent knowledge of these business areas. 

According to my clients I have the unique talent to create a safe space for my clients which allows them to fully open up - and  transformation and change often happen instantly and spontaneously. So that they can lead and live from their true power - with authenticity, alignment and joy.

ORGANISATIONS: I'm happy to support you in finding and/or  developing the talented female leaders in your organisation to enhance diversity. And to make your organisation more attractive for top women to come and work with you (employer branding). Or to teach your leadership team how to lead in an aligned and  perfectly balanced way. of The whole framework and parts of it (i.e. vision building and communication) are easily applicable to teams to achieve better collaboration, more productivity and simply better results. My communication workshops tend to shift teams immediately through unique techniques and insights from PLeX 5 - beautiful to watch!

ALIGNED - Group coaching program for Female Leaders

How does it work? 

Our world has changed a lot since the beginning of 2020 - the way of how I work not really. Since years, I've been connecting with my 1:1 clients online  and while I was sceptical at the beginning if all the experiences and exercises would work I was positively surprised to see they did and they work perfectly well with great results.

The PLeX process will always be accompanied by online resources which support the journey. 

Workshops are possible via Zoom as well with up to 20 participants.

When the COVID situation allows, I'm more than happy to support you in person - individually or your organisation and/or team. Let's talk and discuss your requirements. Even in teams leadership starts with everybody individually -  PLeX 5.0 for teams is the perfect solution to accelerate and enhance collaboration to a level never seen before. 


"Lead with love and care and you'll succeed. 
Lead with fear, and you'll fail."


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