What if...'d know exactly who you are and would have all possibilities to deal with all the tough stuff that life tends to throw at us from time to time?'d be doing the things that really matter in your life every day and had great relationships with people you really care about? had all the energy, enthusiasm and joy you wish for in your life?'d got your work done and you're in control of your job, task and demands which are coming your way? were progressing in exactly the way you know you are capable off? had all the energy, enthusiasm and joy you wish for in your life'd know exactly who you are and would have all possibilities to deal with all the tough stuff that life tends to throw at us from time to time?


Not there? Or even really stuck?

Then it is time for a change, to create a plan where you really want to go and to take action!

It doesn’t matter where you are - in your own business or working for an employer -  everybody needs a direction, a destination and a plan and energy how to get there. Otherwise we have no idea where we are doing and what has to be done.

Have you determined what your destination should be – in your business(environment) and generally in life? Are you sure your ladder is not leaning against the wrong wall? Great! Then you have already done the first step.

If not – I will help you to take this first step.

Now imagine you’ve already got the destination, you have your plan and your foundation in place and you can tap into this great power and energy inside of you – then you are ready to run, be successful and achieve whatever you want.

I know, because I have been there, and I have experienced what a difference it makes to have a clear map and compass in my life.

And I can help you getting there too.

To Your Success



In case you'd like to work directly with me and wish to get really QUICK results, that's the way forward. In the PERSONAL LEADERSHIP ACCELERATOR - an intensive program, you'll replace your blockages and limiting beliefs with clarity, you will boost your communication skills (with yourself and others - sounds cryptic - no worries, you'll understand when we talk) and your relationships with yourself and others will never be the same again! Or you work with me for 3 or 6 months in the PERSONAL LEADERSHIP HIGH PERFORMANCE or MASTERY program to deep dive into individual topics important for you, your life and your career.


Perfect for you if you have LITTLE TIME and still want to make sure that you either stay or FIND your path in life and career that you're dreaming of. Packed with knowledge in the areas of success mindset, high performance productivity, energy management, leadership and building relationships on a completely new level, the academy offers the full package of PERSONAL LEADERSHIP. And of course based on research in science. A great combination of online learning and monthly LIVE MASTER CLASSES, where I teach top notch knowledge and skills crucial for modern and human leaders in the digital age.


Spend an EXCLUSIVE and INTENSIVE Power-Coaching-Weekend with me in a serene and calm environment in a country house in Bavaria/Germany. The combination of calming and inspiring nature and intensive, yet playful work will provide you with EXTRA-ORDINARY results on a deep level. Get ready for game-changing realizations. Availability: max. 2 weekends per quarter - AS OF MAY 2019. Click below and let's talk.


Choose between a number of online courses covering topics like productivity and work-life balance - covered from a completely new angle (well, we all know the well-known tools - and they did not really work out that well, right?) Perfect for you if you love learning at your own pace.


High Performance for teams: Great for organisations who know that collaboration, co-creation, connection and conversational Intelligence are the keys for future success! Our unusual and highly effective power coaching tools are perfect for re-organisations of teams or organisations or during periods of change - like digital transformation.


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