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Monday thought #14: The most important relationship you'll ever have in your life...

Claudia Hesse, The Better Workplace
Monday thought #14: The most important relationship you'll ever have in your life...

... for being or becoming a great leader. Or simply having the life you really want. 

One relationship?

Really? We need a whole network and many relationships to be successful, don't we?

Yes, absolutely.

And still, success and leadership starts somewhere else.


And having a good one is in fact rarer than you might think!

Last week I had several  conversations with people and I listened to a number of issues and challenges people face in their leadership roles. 

And  interestingly ALL of them led back to the same root cause: namely that the leaders  have not enough awareness of themselves and did not know themselves intimately.

We tend to look outside and notice other peoples's behaviour, their flaws, their patterns, their perks.

What many don't do often: look inside. 

Totally natural - we tend to be rather blind towards some of our own stuff for a number of reasons.

The most important one: NOBODY TAUGHT US HOW TO DO...

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Do you care (too much) about other people’s opinions? Then read this.

A couple of years ago, I started pondering about changing my career. Because I simply realized that I was far more interested in people than IT, which had been “my” business for a good 30 years.

I hatched a plan rather quickly. It would still take me more than a year to finally come out telling the world what I was doing now. And another 2 years to let go of the “old” business.

So why the heck was that?

I had done my research, my trainings, combined all of that with my decades of experience and had a great offer in my hands. I had tested the service, got consistent results, built a website, and still, I hesitated telling people in my network that I was now focusing on being an Activator for Personal Leadership instead of a Sales Director for an online magazine.

What would people think?

Obviously I asked myself WHY I was so hesitant?

  • Was there a lack of confidence in what I was offering – nope.
  • Did I have doubts that I could deliver results? Well, in...
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Why understanding these fundamental steps changed my life (and will do the same for you)

authenticity courage Feb 22, 2018

I tend to tell my clients , “People don't have business problems, they have personal problems that reflect in their business".

The opposite is also true - "People don't have business success, they have personal success that reflects in their business”.

For most entrepreneurs or business professionals if things don’t go in the desired direction, or it’s not growing or not progressing fast enough….they start implementing more tactics.

Or fancy tools.

Or apps.

Or start the 20th thing they heard about to finally get there. Hey, if that worked for others, it has to work for me too. Right?

So there is lots of “fixing” on the business side of things, and at the same time they tend to ignore the personal and emotional side of things.

Ever noticed that if we have an issue on the business side and we look thoroughly enough, we ALWAYS find that the actual reason is somehow personal? Lack of self-confidence, not feeling “good” enough,...

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