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Monday thought #14: The most important relationship you'll ever have in your life...

Claudia Hesse, The Better Workplace
Monday thought #14: The most important relationship you'll ever have in your life...

... for being or becoming a great leader. Or simply having the life you really want. 

One relationship?

Really? We need a whole network and many relationships to be successful, don't we?

Yes, absolutely.

And still, success and leadership starts somewhere else.


And having a good one is in fact rarer than you might think!

Last week I had several  conversations with people and I listened to a number of issues and challenges people face in their leadership roles. 

And  interestingly ALL of them led back to the same root cause: namely that the leaders  have not enough awareness of themselves and did not know themselves intimately.

We tend to look outside and notice other peoples's behaviour, their flaws, their patterns, their perks.

What many don't do often: look inside. 

Totally natural - we tend to be rather blind towards some of our own stuff for a number of reasons.

The most important one: NOBODY TAUGHT US HOW TO DO...

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5-Minute Leadership Wisdom #6: No time for self-care? Then do this.


5-Minute Leadership Wisdom: What can I do if I never seem to have time to take care of myself, to relax, to do name it.

Well, here's the two-fold answer to that - and it's actually rather easy.

#personalleadership #leadership #selfcare #choice #selflove

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16 Suggestions For Essential & Better Self Care in 2018

The year has started so long ago that we're probably all back to normal - whatever normal means. Checking numerous e-mails, fighting through endless to-do-lists, spending hours in more or less useful meetings and the relaxed feeling from the holidays wanes off slowly - or already did.

And so we forget those maybe New Year resolutions to spend more time with the family or for us and to take care of our well-being, to have more fun and joy in our lives.

I get it - it is so easy to get sucked into those habits which we have trained well over years. Sometimes decades.

When our health improves, EVERYTHING shifts.

Unfortunately true the other way round too. Or more to the point, then it shifts into a very undesirable direction.

Hence I've put together a list of self-care measures. Basically to help me remembering every day. Yes. Not just once a week. Or month. Or even once a year....oh, I'll just fight through to the next holidays.

Rather not. Unless you are a masochist ;-).

So here we go...

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