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5-Minute Leadership Wisdom #2: What to do when people talk over you again and again? 5 minute wisdom communication video Jun 02, 2020

Do you know the feeling when people interrupt you all the time and it's hard to finish a sentence, let alone anything longer? That can be infuriating and very disruptive...and it can easily feel like you're not respected by the other person.

Here's what to do and how to deal with these...

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5-Minute Leadership Wisdom #6: No time for self-care? Then do this. 5 minute wisdom personalleadership selfcare video Jun 01, 2020

5-Minute Leadership Wisdom: What can I do if I never seem to have time to take care of myself, to relax, to do name it.

Well, here's the two-fold answer to that - and it's actually rather easy.

#personalleadership #leadership #selfcare #choice #selflove

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5-Minute Leadership Wisdom #4: What to do when people don't understand and don't get your message 5 minute wisdom communication leadership personal leadership video May 26, 2020

Why can't they get it - it's so easy? might think.

Here are two surprising and probably rather counterintuitive tips on how to change this quickly and effectively.

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5-Minute Leadership Wisdom #3: If you're a perfectionist - this is for you 5 minute wisdom enough perfectionism personal leadership video May 20, 2020

We all know someone who says he or she is a perfectionist. Here's what's behind and 2 crucial things to know about it. 

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