Why understanding these fundamental steps changed my life (and will do the same for you)

authenticity courage Feb 22, 2018

I tend to tell my clients , “People don't have business problems, they have personal problems that reflect in their business".

The opposite is also true - "People don't have business success, they have personal success that reflects in their business”.

For most entrepreneurs or business professionals if things don’t go in the desired direction, or it’s not growing or not progressing fast enough….they start implementing more tactics.

Or fancy tools.

Or apps.

Or start the 20th thing they heard about to finally get there. Hey, if that worked for others, it has to work for me too. Right?

So there is lots of “fixing” on the business side of things, and at the same time they tend to ignore the personal and emotional side of things.

Ever noticed that if we have an issue on the business side and we look thoroughly enough, we ALWAYS find that the actual reason is somehow personal? Lack of self-confidence, not feeling “good” enough, trying to compensate for something, being afraid of failure...just to name a few.


If we have a messy home, then we probably have a messy business. If we have a messy home and business, we probably have a messy mind.

I know the feeling very well.

I had an unhealthy relationship with money. And in parts with myself. Some childhood stuff - hey, most of us can come up with something in that area - let’s face it, we had all our “programming”…some of it great, some of it not so great.

For me it resulted in  being inconsistent, going through emotional roller coasters and all this spiced up with quite a portion of self doubt. "Can I really achieve that?"

The result on my business: it was messy and….surprise, surprise: inconsistent. Not aligned.

This was exhausting and got me to the point of not being able to sleep, a massive sense of overwhelm and a total lack of clarity.

And I know for a fact that a lot of entrepreneurs tend to run into similar issues in their first year. And other business professionals in all kind of areas....with the result that we get stuck, overwhelmed...and worst case pretty demotivated.

When I decided to work on myself, my business improved, too. It's a fascinating thing.

We often try to solve business problems with pure business tactics.

We believe that it will work. I can tell you that I KNOW that no amount of business tactics will solve a personal or emotional issue that shows up in our business.

Most of us work backwards

The only way to resolve it is to solve the issues in your personal life FIRST.

I call this working from the inside out.

And no - I don’t have a checklist of how to do that. Despite the fact that we all LOVE checklists, right?

The good news: I do have a framework how to get there.

The bad news: there is no blueprint with detailed steps that fit for everybody - we are all beautifully different and while the milestones and processes are the same - the journey through it will be VERY individual.

3 Steps

Still, there are a couple of steps to hold on to:

1. BE. Yes, as easy as that. If we don’t have a clue who we are, we can’t really be. And whoever we are reflects what we do. Makes sense? Commitment is a good example of being. Either we are or we’re not. Or self-integrity. This is what we call our identity.
2. DO. Whatever we are has an influence on what we do. Want to read this book about change, the weight loss etc.? We can read it all day…if commitment (to whatever it is) is not part of our identity, it’s not going to happen. We're not going to act. Right?
3. FEEL. Really? Yep….if we know there is a heap of stuff in front of us and that we’re a long way from achieving whatever we want to, we'll probably feel overwhelmed and even desperate. Imagine how you’d feel if you ALREADY (that's the KEY word) had everything you dream of. And feel it. This will bring things into motion…only if we don’t ignore step no1 and 2 though. Bonkers? Yes, maybe a bit. Try it and see what happens…

The great thing is that we can change whatever our identity is.

Over the last year I have become a completely different person. A real transformation, which shows up in every part of my life….and my business.

This does not mean that I’ve got “it all together”, in fact I don’t know ANYBODY who always does. So if anybody pretends (know those FB ads with private jets etc. ;-)) they are simply lying…we all have challenges thrown at us in life from time to time. So yes, life can be messy sometimes - it's up to us then to figure out how to get it into order then.

It’s surprisingly simple though…and fun :-).

Happy to share details - just drop a YES into the comments (or PM me) and I’m happy to have a chat with you.





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