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How to deal with feeling guilty about taking sick days

guilt shame Dec 12, 2016


Like me, I am sure you have had those days when you wake up feeling like your stomach is going to punish you for the seafood the night before, with a blocked nose with the realisation that the scratchy throat was actually “something” that an early night could not fix, or just feeling absolutely exhausted and you decide to call in sick?

Guilt or shame?

Then comes a feeling of guilt which manifests thoughts such as: “I should not be ill.” “I have got so much to do.” “People in my team will really annoyed that they have to overtake the one or the other task.”

According to psychologists, guilt is described as “a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some wrong, offense, etc. whether real or imagined”. And it seems to originate in part as a result of evolution which has engrained within us that: Only if we are in a group are we able to survive, which means that we have to support each other…and if we don’t...

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