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A coaching case study (with a surprising result): "What is my next career step?"

Last Friday, I had a coaching call with a client, and the reason for, and as such the solution for her issue, turned out to be very different than expected. 

The problem

So here we go….that was her problem: 

What's the next step in my career? 
How do I find what's right for me?


 I asked her: What have you done so far to solve the issue?

Her answer was that tt was mainly activities on a superficial level: She checked out industries/jobs and looked into options in consultancy. All good. 
Then she suddenly said: "Somehow, I feel that I procrastinate".

Interesting development. And of course, I was interested in the WHY because I knew that would give her additional insights.


Digging deeper - the underlying fears came out:
* Fear that there is nothing out there for her - resulting in being a failure 
* Fear not finding the right thing -and being left behind by her "successful" social circle
* Fear of the next step not being...

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Watch What Kind of Energy You Bring into a Room


What energy do you bring into the room (or situation)?

Huh? Is that important?

YES - absolutely.

This Saturday I experienced quite a backlash while not being aware of my own energy.

With quite some consequences.

The (almost magical) power of that and how to do it, I'm explaining here in this short video.

And as always: the first step is AWARENESS. As we cannot change what we don't even know....and then we're only surprised by or suffer from the results.

Let me know your experiences with that in the comments.

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