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Female Leadership Is Better. Not Only For (Most) Women.

Wow, what a statement! And is it even true?

Right – let’s clarify a few things upfront:

  1. I love and appreciate men. I enjoy working with them. I admire their wit, logic and clear-mindedness. And I don’t believe in a dividing line between men and women or masculine and feminine nor do I judge the one or the other as being “worse” or “better” (despite what the headline says ;-)).
  2. I believe in the social, economic and political equality of men and women. This is NOT what this article is about though. It’s not even about gender.

So what IS this article about?

In a way about my journey. As a leader AND woman.

How I arrived where I am now and the learning and epiphanies on the way.

How is this relevant for you?

  • If you’re a woman in business it is.
  • If you’re a woman in a leadership position even more.
  • And if – on top - you have kids, and you feel that you always have to be strong and you’re exhausted often, PLEASE...
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Monday thoughts #13: Why communication between men and women (often) falls flat (and my epiphany)

Claudia Hesse, The Better Workplace
Monday thoughts #13: Why communication between men and women (often) falls flat (and my epiphany)

I'm currently reading a book which deals with a topic I'm exploring: how different men and women "tick" and what that means for communication and relationships inside and outside of the business environment.

It actually opens up a completely new aspect for, but not exclusively, leadership.

The book provided me with some insights which made sense to me, nothing revolutionary though.

Until I came to a part of the story where the author describes the different ways of thinking.

The masculine or male way - single focused.
And the feminine or female way - the brain goes in all kinds of directions.

Btw - this is not necessarily about gender...but often is...more in the podcast.

The fact is though - it impacts communication big time.
I clearly noticed that when the author describes the typical dynamic as a result of the differences. I had to laugh out loud - not necessarily because it was funny, but because I felt that she was talking about me (and some of the men in my life).

What an...

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