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Do you take things too personally?

Did you ever have this poker face when somebody said or did something that you took absolutely personally? Pretending that it's not an issue and that you're cool, and that this did not affect you?

Yep - I did. Many times. 

We all take (some) things personally. 

  • When someone interrupts us.
  • Rolls their eyes at us. 
  • Laughs at a question or statement.
  • When someone raises their voice or expresses anger. 
  • When our work gets criticized. 

We all have our own list of things we tend to get offended by or feel attacked by. Despite the poker face. 


Let's face it: most things are NOT PERSONAL ATTACKS. 

  • People might be thoughtless before opening their mouths.
  • People don't know OUR triggers when they say or do something (except our kids - they most definitely do) and it simply FEELS personal.
  • People are so focused on themselves that they don't consider the potential impact of their actions or words. 

WHAT to do and what NOT to do

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