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Monday thoughts #13: Why communication between men and women (often) falls flat (and my epiphany)

communication female feminine leadership monday thoughts Nov 22, 2021
Claudia Hesse, The Better Workplace
Monday thoughts #13: Why communication between men and women (often) falls flat (and my epiphany)

I'm currently reading a book which deals with a topic I'm exploring: how different men and women "tick" and what that means for communication and relationships inside and outside of the business environment.

It actually opens up a completely new aspect for, but not exclusively, leadership.

The book provided me with some insights which made sense to me, nothing revolutionary though.

Until I came to a part of the story where the author describes the different ways of thinking.

The masculine or male way - single focused.
And the feminine or female way - the brain goes in all kinds of directions.

Btw - this is not necessarily about gender...but often is...more in the podcast.

The fact is though - it impacts communication big time.
I clearly noticed that when the author describes the typical dynamic as a result of the differences. I had to laugh out loud - not necessarily because it was funny, but because I felt that she was talking about me (and some of the men in my life).

What an epiphany!
I had no clue that this was behind the dynamic of these conversations.

Listen in to this short episode where you learn:
1. What single focus is
2. Why communication between men and women can easily go pear shape
3. The alternative (which leads to far better results)

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