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4 Reasons Why I Failed And What To Do Instead

failure Aug 13, 2018

I made all these plans for August. 

Hey, summer tends to be quieter in business, hence this has always been a great time for me to plan, to strategize and to get things aligned again, right? A bit like a mid year NY’s eve for re-newing our commitments or finding some new ones.

It’s mid of August. And until now I failed miserably.

Strong Start

My July was definitely different than I had planned. The course I’m currently attending (to learn more about online business) suddenly came up with the idea of a summer course:

Conceptualise, create, promote and publish an online course in 5 weeks.


I’ve always like a good challenge, so I jumped on board. And suddenly the whole month was taken over (biggest take away: with the right dedication much more than we might believe is possible).

So, the spirits for August were high and I came up with lots of ideas and plans. 

  • I planned to do yoga daily.
  • I decided to tap every night before going to bed (if you...
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