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Monday thought #7: Is it the truth or just a story?

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Claudia Hesse, The Better Workplace
Monday thought #7: Is it the truth or just a story?

I bet you've experienced something like that:  Maybe someone walks out of a presentation you're giving without an explanation, or someone simply does not show up for a meeting...or a (close) colleague just passes you in the hallway and utterly ignores you - not even saying hi. 

The brain (and the emotions) react very quickly and throw up a story. One that explains what just happened. And hardly ever it is in our favour. Sounds familiar? 

The question is though: is it really the truth? Or maybe just a story?

Listen in to my Monday thoughts where I address:

 - what and why this happens
- the dangers of our stories
- and what's the best way of dealing with it

Have a great week and see you soon.

- Claudia
(Founder The Better Workplace)

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The thing to do that immediately boosts your happiness

Today was a glorious day here in Geneva: sunny, spring-like temperatures and fresh green all around me. I’m a total sucker for this new life sprouting out of the soil, trees and bushes and so I took a number of photos.

Gosh, it’s SO easy nowadays….when I was a kid there were still these films that had to be developed…oops, I’m digressing.

In the park opposite of where I live, I saw this art installation, which was erected a couple of years ago in recognition of Nelson Mandela and his promotion of peace.

I pass this thing basically every day. Today I went into the installation, looked up and took a photo. And took another one when I was a few metres away from it.


You would not believe that we’re looking at the same thing – when looking at the resulting photos.

Same thing – looking completely different.

And there was my inspiration for my weekly blog!

How we look at things

We see, hear, say and experience a plethora of things...

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How alive are you?

energy perspective purpose Jan 20, 2019

The other day a friend sent me a video from one of those Indian gurus talking about parenting. Well, this ship has sailed for me, so I checked out what this guy had to say on other topics and came across another video, talking about the 3 things we should all do in the morning.

Arghh….another one of those “morning routine” things? Those really start to come out of my ears meanwhile. All those super disciplined people who trigger my bad conscious as I cannot seem to get all those little ducks in a row: 7.30 shower, get ready – tick, 8.00 Yoga - tick, 8.30 drink lemon water - tick, 8.35 plan the day - tick, 9.00 breakfast - tick…. you get my gist.

My days are far more chaotic. Sometimes yoga happens, sometimes not, I don’t shower every day (gasp) and do not do extensive planning every day….

I digress.

Do you live the life you want?

So – this video triggered something completely different when I listened to it, as it was NOT about a...

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