Monday thought #7: Is it the truth or just a story?

Claudia Hesse, The Better Workplace
Monday thought #7: Is it the truth or just a story?

I bet you've experienced something like that:  Maybe someone walks out of a presentation you're giving without an explanation, or someone simply does not show up for a meeting...or a (close) colleague just passes you in the hallway and utterly ignores you - not even saying hi. 

The brain (and the emotions) react very quickly and throw up a story. One that explains what just happened. And hardly ever it is in our favour. Sounds familiar? 

The question is though: is it really the truth? Or maybe just a story?

Listen in to my Monday thoughts where I address:

 - what and why this happens
- the dangers of our stories
- and what's the best way of dealing with it

Have a great week and see you soon.

- Claudia
(Founder The Better Workplace)


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