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An (involuntary) lesson of how to deal with uncertainty and unpredictability

The ups and downs with Covid and its consequences over the last couple of years were basically an intensive course to learn how to deal with uncertainty and unpredictability. 

I dealt with several unexpected situations this year (well, and the previous year). But during the last week, I had the ultimate chance to "test" how much my learning holds up. 

And I realized that there is particularly ONE thing that helps me (and a couple of other concepts on top of that) - which can even lead to unexpected results….more on that in a bit. 

We all know that situations/people close to our hearts affect us the most. 

So also in my story. 

Here's what happened.

My daughter - who has been living in the UK for quite some time - decided in the summer to come home for Christmas. After not having been home for the last 3 years (an attempt in 2019 went wrong due to some misinformation regarding trains and dogs….but that's another story).

We were all aware of the...

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Monday thought #9: "The power of response"

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Claudia Hesse, The Better Workplace
Monday thought #9: "The power of response"

Do you know the feeling when someone annoys the hell out of you or something happens that kicks you out of balance and you simply react? In a way you always do when your "buttons" are pushed. 

Leading to feeling frustrated, angry or upset - and we're quick to blame the other person or the circumstances for that. 

There is a different way though. One that gives you control and power back. 

Listen in to 

1. What the power of response is
2. The two steps necessary to access and activate it

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