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2 Questions and 3 Words

New Year - new opportunities. 


To start something new.

To let something old go. 

To take different decisions.

To change whatever we choose to change.

To have more joy and lightness in our life.

At the beginning of the year, many people make a lot of plans about what to achieve next year, where to go, what to earn, what kind of job to have or get, how much more they will hit the gym - you name it.

Might sound familiar?!

I've given up on those plans a while ago. They tend to be a kind of hit-and-miss thing. And no - just alone my action won't always get me what I desire to have or do (or be). 

Well, maybe hitting the gym more. But even that can be overthrown by something unexpected. Like an illness or something happening in the family. 

Life's rather unpredictable. 

Hence I've changed my approach. 

I still look back. And forward.

But not to measure my successes or non-successes (I know them anyway) or to create big plans but to ask myself a couple...

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