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2 Questions and 3 Words

3 words ny resolutions planning Jan 11, 2023

New Year - new opportunities. 


To start something new.

To let something old go. 

To take different decisions.

To change whatever we choose to change.

To have more joy and lightness in our life.

At the beginning of the year, many people make a lot of plans about what to achieve next year, where to go, what to earn, what kind of job to have or get, how much more they will hit the gym - you name it.

Might sound familiar?!

I've given up on those plans a while ago. They tend to be a kind of hit-and-miss thing. And no - just alone my action won't always get me what I desire to have or do (or be). 

Well, maybe hitting the gym more. But even that can be overthrown by something unexpected. Like an illness or something happening in the family. 

Life's rather unpredictable. 

Hence I've changed my approach. 

I still look back. And forward.

But not to measure my successes or non-successes (I know them anyway) or to create big plans but to ask myself a couple of questions. 


 What can I let go of next year?

This could be fears or worries about things you can't change anyway. This might be holding on to some things in the past. Or people pleasing. A toxic relationship. Limiting beliefs. Being judgemental. Grief. Self doubt. Or watching too much Netflix ;-).

What do I wish to pull/have  - or even magnetise - in my life?

How about more time for yourself? People who support you. The dream job. The financial freedom. A dog. Or more joy and ease. 

When you ask yourself these questions - preferably when you have some time on your own - maybe on a walk in nature - the answers will come up. Trust yourself. 

And having those answers changes the energy that you're sending out. And it has quite an influence on how and what we experience in life. 

Ever walked into a room feeling really confident? Or at another time angry and distracted? And noticed how different people reacted. 

Well, then you know. That's your energy at play.


Over the last few years, I've developed a tradition that supports me a lot in getting where  - or who - I desire to be - maybe this is something that you'd be interested in adopting:

I choose 1-3 words for the year to come. 

Words which resonate with me. 

Those that I feel are supporting me in my being, growing and progressing.

For this year - after a lot of pondering I've chosen ABUNDANCE, SURRENDER, MAGNETIZE.

Whatever words you choose - no need to explain them to anyone else - you know best why they have meaning for you.

IMPORTANT: As soon as I know my words, I set a daily alarm on my phone. And name it with the words of the year.

So it's utterly impossible to forget them - even if hell breaks loose in my life. It's amazing what this daily reminder can do…definitely keeps or brings me on track…particularly in situations when I don't feel either of them.

So what are your words for 2023? Would love to hear them - just send a quick mail to [email protected] and inspire me!


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