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Do You Really Know Where You're Going?

Do you really know where you're going? I did not for quite a long time.

I simply went through the motions.

And had no idea about what was really important to me. Except for the obvious: my family and my career.

The thing is: I had goals. And plans. Like I was taught to do.

 And often they did not work out. Which was really frustrating and deep inside I often felt like a failure.

It took me a long time until I figured out what was missing.

The underlying parts



When I thought about those two levels my first impulse was…oh, no - not anything more to think about or to make my world more complicated.

I made an effort to make it simple...there are too many things in life too complicated here we go.


Lots of people talk about finding their purpose.

I prefer DEFINING mine.

I have not lost it, nor do I believe that some higher power hid that purpose, and it's my job to find it. What IS my job is to listen to my inner voice and truth that helps...

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Monday thought #15: My 3 Words for 2022

direction monday thoughts Jan 10, 2022
Claudia Hesse, The Better Workplace
Monday thought #15: My 3 Words for 2022

Those who know me a bit longer know that during the last years I've always chosen one or some words each year.


Words for what is important for me in life (and work) - and to focus on them throughout the year.


It does not replace setting (external) goals - it rather complements it. 


This year I chose 3 words.


Contrary to last year - where I only came to define them in February - this year they bubbled up fairly easily. I tried them on, rolled them over in my head and heart and waited for them to resonate.


They did. 


In this podcast series you'll hear


  • WHY defining a (or more) word(s) for the year make sense for everybody
  • What these words have to do with your external goals
  • What my words are (and why I chose them)


What I forgot to mention (despite announcing it during the podcast...) is how I make sure I won't forget these words throughout the year - so they don't meet the same fate as most NY's resolutions ;-)

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