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Monday thought #16: The ONE thing that everybody wants....
Monday thought #16: The ONE thing that everybody wants.... blaming emotions happiness monday thoughts podcast selfregulation success Jan 24, 2022

….is….to feel good.


 "That is not rocket science, Claudia...I really expected something more spectacular!" - you might think.

You're right - it isn't. 

The thing is - good can mean many different things for different people.

AND - many don't. Feel good that is...

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The thing to do that immediately boosts your happiness happiness personal leadership perspective relationship Mar 24, 2019

Today was a glorious day here in Geneva: sunny, spring-like temperatures and fresh green all around me. I’m a total sucker for this new life sprouting out of the soil, trees and bushes and so I took a number of photos.

Gosh, it’s SO easy nowadays….when I was a kid there were...

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