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R.I.P Work-Life Balance

work-life-balance Apr 04, 2017

Are you one of the people who have been striving to achieve the infamous work-life balance for years and somehow it did not quite work out?

Too much work, not enough life. And all getting mixed up?

Well, I was definitely there. I remember telling my children when they were home for holidays: “Sorry honey, I’ve got no time for playing now, I really need to get this done, can you wait until after 6 pm?”

Most of the time I work from home. I was a single mom for about 14 years and accompanied my kids into adulthood on my own.

Being on the phone to a client with a daughter or son bursting into the office, wanting to tell me about this “stupid” teacher or asking for sweets or demanding an immediate answer to a request was more the rule than an exception. Despite clear rules.

This was normally accompanied by outbreaks of stress sweats, trying to usher the kid out of my office, and using the most silly body language to make clear that this is the wrong moment...

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