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How Stress is the (secret) Enemy of Resilience...and Excellent Leadership 1-minute-leadership wisdom performance resilience stress management Feb 22, 2024

Basically every person I talk to in the professional world nowadays tells me that they are stressed.

  • Too much work with doubts of how to prioritize
  • Disagreements with colleagues which grind on people's nerves
  • Feeling unappreciated, left out, disrespected
  • Having an immense pressure of performing...
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When it comes to self-care, boundaries are more important than bubble baths boundaries personal leadership resilience self care Jul 12, 2022

A lot of people are talking about self-care at the moment. 

No wonder - the world has gone crazy in a lot of areas. Many things are getting more extreme - the middle ground seems to get smaller and smaller - and with prices rising and war around the corner many people worry a lot.


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Monday thought #19: Why I don't worry - even in times which are anxiety-inducing anxiety fear power of words resilience superpower Mar 07, 2022

This week I had a phone call with my best friend in the US. We talked about the usual topics…kids, our own challenges and joys (like my new puppy) and finally about the currently biggest and most threatening topic: the war in Europe. 

At the end of the conversation she asked: "Are you...

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Claudia Hesse, The Better Workplace
Monday thought #17: "How to deal with "negative" or "bad" emotions, what most people do instead - and why my suggestion is only for the courageous ones"
Monday thought #17: "How to deal with "negative" or "bad" emotions, what most people do instead - and why my suggestion is only for the courageous ones" being human emotions monday thoughts resilience Feb 08, 2022

Are you ready to take charge?

Are you prepared to walk into some discomfort?

There is a reason I ask those questions - because if you're not - this podcast is not for you.

Admittedly we all cringe when being confronted with what most of us would call "negative" or "bad" emotions. 

Many of us...

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Monday thought #5: Do you love or hate adversities (and why this is even relevant) monday thoughts personal leadership resilience superpower Sep 20, 2021

What? I can't be serious, right?

Who the hell likes adversities?

Well, listen in to learn why and how they can be extremely useful and what kind of human superpower you can develop and practice while experiencing adversities. Extremely powerful how I find. And one that helped me in even seemingly...

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Are you a personal leader? Find out with these questions. communication courage energy growth heartset leadership mindset personal leadership productivity relationship resilience vision May 13, 2019

Quite honestly: 5 years ago I did not have a clue what Personal Leadership was. As I simply did not give it a thought. The definition that is.

Instinctively though I realized that there is something wrong with the way of how we learn to lead.

When I had just passed my mid-twenties and I worked...

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Everyone Needs One Of These...At Least mindset productivity resilience Feb 08, 2018

I bet that triggered your interest…what’s she talking about – would have done the trick for me :-).

So, I start with a spoiler and disclose the answer right away: A COACH.

In fact, at least one.

Of COURSE I would be saying that  - I'm a coach myself and just want...

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Why I stopped helping and why you should do the same helping influence resilience Oct 22, 2017

It was about a year ago when my son had just finished an internship after his high school degree. At that stage, it was clear that his plan A – studying in Scotland – had not worked out. Well, and there was no plan B.

The latter did not seem to bother him too much. Life was good....

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