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1-Minute Leadership Wisdom: Nobody Likes Change 1-minute-leadership wisdom change video Jul 27, 2023

We're all creatures of habit. Thus - if we're really honest with each other - nobody likes change, as it pushes us out of our comfort zone....which we often don't mind if it's in terms of skills - but not so much when it comes to our own behaviour - that is MUCH harder. 

It's o.k. though -...

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[1-Minute Leadership Wisdom] What is "true" self-confidence? 1-minute-leadership wisdom personal leadership Jul 13, 2023

When I was a leader in the corporate world, most people assumed that I must be very self-confident.
To the outside world, I was always strong, I was assertive & it looked like nothing could faze me, and I had all the answers.

On the inside that looked very different.

I was often insecure,...

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[1-Minute Leadership Wisdom] Do you blame or take responsibility for how you feel? 1-minute-leadership wisdom personal leadership power of response responsibility Jul 13, 2023

When I first heard the term radical responsibility - for ourselves - I squirmed a bit inside.

Does that mean I can’t blame others and the circumstances for how I feel?



Don’t get me wrong…I’m also being influenced by the “good” or...

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