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[1-Minute Leadership Wisdom] Do you blame or take responsibility for how you feel?

1-minute-leadership wisdom personal leadership power of response responsibility Jul 13, 2023

When I first heard the term radical responsibility - for ourselves - I squirmed a bit inside.

Does that mean I can’t blame others and the circumstances for how I feel?



Don’t get me wrong…I’m also being influenced by the “good” or “bad” happening around me or in my life. I just don’t let those take my life over!

Be it “difficult” people, things not going my way, unexpected bills, a project failing, not getting the deal, being criticised harshly …you name it.

They don’t ruin whole days or weeks

Because it’s ME in charge for how I feel and how much I let things around me affect me. This is not about closing off and pretending that I’m above everything, it’s rather about being aware of my power over my own life - not people or circumstances but rather how I respond to stuff happening.

And I’m not handing over my personal power over to people or circumstances anymore.

Immensely empowering and crucial for any excellent leader.

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