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How to deal with (negative) emotions - in a professional environment

For the most part, negative emotions (frustration, anger, sadness are highly unwelcome in the workplace. Because most people - those who feel them and those who witness them - don't know how to deal with them.

Often they are even labelled as "unprofessional".

Being able to deal with our emotions is a huge part of personal leadership and emotional intelligence - always starts with ourselves.

The bonus: it makes it so much easier to respond to other people's emotions.

Let's start with ourselves though.

In the video I provide you with an explanation why we're so keen on avoiding those emotions - always helpful to understand the dynamics or concepts. Hey, most of us are so head-driven that this is the first thing we do anyway - analysing and understanding.

The thing is - that's only part of the solution. Some of the stuff was rather mind-blowing and eye-opening for me years ago!

And - as I'm a fan of experiential (not just theoretical) learning - I show you 2 practical ways of how to...
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