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3 Ways How To Work With Me in 2023 2023 aligned llc personal leadership programs Dec 08, 2022

If you're one of the people who have been following me for a while you might have thought "Huh, I'd actually love to work with Claudia" but - what offer could be the right one for me? 

Well, I'll make the decision a bit easier for you while presenting you with the options - after reading you...

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I don't have time! (and an offer how to deal with the year end rush) aligned change personal development personal leadership time Nov 07, 2022

Hard to believe...we're only 8 weeks away from the end of the year! Probably a super busy time for you:

  • Projects to complete.
  • Budgets to spend.
  • Plans to be made for next year...let alone organizing Christmas and family visits. 

I know that most people will push learning/changing etc out to...

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