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I don't have time! (and an offer how to deal with the year end rush)

aligned change personal development personal leadership time Nov 07, 2022

Hard to believe...we're only 8 weeks away from the end of the year! Probably a super busy time for you:

  • Projects to complete.
  • Budgets to spend.
  • Plans to be made for next year...let alone organizing Christmas and family visits. 

I know that most people will push learning/changing etc out to the beginning of the next year. And put their head down now and sprint through their extensive to-do lists, making sure everything's done, hardly ever looking up, arriving at Christmas exhausted, overdue for a break.

I used to do that A LOT.

It might look like there is no time for anything else - let alone CHANGE. 

I disagree. 

NOW is EXACTLY the time to hit the brakes, reflect and make some time to consciously decide who to be and what to do.

But HOW - you might say. The real world demands something else from me. That's an idealistic view and not possible. 

Again - that's what I thought for a long time. 


Because most of us are extremely busy. And the times we take off from work are then dedicated to family or resting.

Quite a conundrum.

So - what to do?

Simply CHOOSE. 

Make time. 

Particularly if you're tired of being tired. 

If you had enough of suffering from fire-fighting and chasing the end of your to-do list (spoiler alert: it never comes).

You're in charge... and you've got the choice

You're in charge - and thus the creator of whatever happens in your life. An insight that was rather uncomfortable for me and, quite honestly a bit bitter. Because it also meant I can't make anyone responsible for my being exhausted and not feeling joyful.

In charge also means powerful.

And I invite you to look at your life that way (even if right now it might feel not true).


If you dare to dedicate time to change NOW - it will pay off big time later. 

Do you know the difference between a linear and an exponential curve? I'm sure you do.

You got the choice: you can continue as you do now and become more efficient in your doing  (until there is no way to become more efficient anymore) and have a linear and slow improvement. Quite exhausting.

OR you can make some major changes or shifts in your being (which then has quite an impact on your doing), which (full disclosure) will slow you down for a moment, but THEN you'll see an acceleration in effectivity and productivity like never before. 

PLUS - extremely important for me - that leads to more inner peace, less stress and pressure, more time (YES) and even joy. 

So here's my offer to you

For 5 courageous and decisive female leaders with kids if offer a 50% discount for ALIGNED until November 30th. 1990 Euros instead of 3990 for a programme that supports women to align all their areas in life and career to become relaxed & impactful leaders, patient and present mums, and the woman they wish to be. With live coaching each week, a community and pathways that work reliably.

If you are that woman - click here to arrange a call with me during which we'll find out if that's the right move for you.

And if you know a woman who could benefit from stopping to hustle and juggling things to exhaustion - please pass this blog on. 

And if you would love to see similar results but you're not a woman in leadership with kids, click here (to get on a waitlist). You could become one of the first ones in a brand-new, exciting and super flexible coaching model I will open up to max. 10 people in December.

For now, I wish you a wonderful day - it's sunny here (but a bit chilly meanwhile) and sending you lots of energy (yay - seem to have a surplus of it today;-))

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