Everyone Needs One Of These...At Least

I bet that triggered your interest…what’s she talking about – would have done the trick for me :-).

So, I start with a spoiler and disclose the answer right away: A COACH.

In fact, at least one.

Of COURSE I would be saying that  - I'm a coach myself and just want to sell my stuff, right?

Before you let judgement settle in right away, bear with me for a second (well, probably a few minutes, unless you’re one of this super readers).

I have two

Coaches that is. Not seconds.

Not because I am particularly rich or…ehmm… incapable ;-).

I will explain why in a moment – let me tell you a little story first:

My idea of building up a different and new business came up about a year ago. Even a tad before that, come to think of it.

So, I made a plan (hey, after all I AM a business woman with decades of experience), decided what I had to learn (how to build lists, how to create a course, how to shoot an effing video….and how to host all the stuff…that’s only a part of the list) and got on with it.

Sounds pretty straight forward, right?

I learned all of the above. I even created courses. And learned how to shoot videos without a script written up word by word.

I built landing pages. Many of them.

And build and ran facebook adverts.

I had tons of ideas.

After all great ideas are what counts, right?

And so, I pivoted and changed and tweaked.

I did it all on my own.

And was pretty proud of myself…only to eventually run into a wall.

Not once. Not twice. But many times.

And that after having spent quite a lot of money on online courses of all sorts.

Then I hired a coach.

Gulp. Yes, I decided to spend even more money than I already had.

Mindset & Business & Ego

I actually took 3 days out of schedule, went to France and dealt with what I now know is the absolute foundation of ANYTHING we’re doing: Understanding and managing my mind set.

This was about finding out what was going on under the surface, which I did not even know. And about tapping into potentials and knowledge I didn’t know was there either.

It was also about finding out where and why I move(d) in circles in some areas in my life and how to break through those self-set limitations (again – I did not even know they were there).

And I keep going back to this wonderful woman to get advise when I am unclear about “stuff” that relates to my soul, my core, me.

With the result that I’m growing. Constantly. At a speed I never thought I could (ha, another limitation).

It did not end there.

Some months ago, I decided that I would hire a business coach, too.

Someone who would help me finding MY way with all the knowledge I had accumulated and REALLY helped me with accountability.

It went wrong with the first one – but that’s a story for another time.

On the second attempt, I found a great one. And we defined a target…one that I chose to achieve – with his support.

And that is what a great coach does: she does not tell us what to do, but guides us to finding our OWN way.

Through listening and sometimes not just to the words (cause they can be some BS that we tell ourselves and others).

Through seeing things from a very different perspective and gently (or bluntly) pointing us back to the right path.

Through teaching us how to get to our solutions ourselves. Or sometimes just by telling us how to apply our knowledge we already have, in a different way.

This was not easy for me – getting coaches, who teach and guide me. After all I have all this knowledge, all this experience and all those achievements.

And my ego and pride flared up. “I don’t need help”.

You might feel similar.

The Truth

The truth is though: more often than not we can’t do it on our own. And it doesn’t matter what level we’re on in our life and our career – there is always something to learn, there are always things we cannot see in our own lives or our behaviour ourselves, as we might be too close to it.

Sometimes I am still pushing myself towards accepting that I don’t HAVE to know everything myself. That it is o.k. to ask for help and to receive it.

I chose not be embarrassed anymore because I don’t know everything or get lost from time to time.

And my coaches are the ones who help me get to the next level quicker, with less detours – bit of a shortcut really.

They help me getting out of holes that I might have dug for myself, much quicker and sometimes in ways I could not have seen.

And they advise me in MY particular situation and don’t just present me with pre-manufactured information.

So, I'm excited for the next level: in my business, my relationships, in my self-care and in my power.

P.S. That’s why I am convinced everybody needs a trained coach. If you don't have one, you're choosing suffering over success.

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