Monday thought #17: "How to deal with "negative" or "bad" emotions, what most people do instead - and why my suggestion is only for the courageous ones"

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Claudia Hesse, The Better Workplace
Monday thought #17: "How to deal with "negative" or "bad" emotions, what most people do instead - and why my suggestion is only for the courageous ones"

Are you ready to take charge?

Are you prepared to walk into some discomfort?

There is a reason I ask those questions - because if you're not - this podcast is not for you.

Admittedly we all cringe when being confronted with what most of us would call "negative" or "bad" emotions. 

Many of us rather pull our fingernails out than talk or even deal with that kind of stuff. 

I get it - it's uncomfortable, it might even create some fear ("how the heck do I deal with it anyway?"), but quite honestly - I've experienced that the whole topic is much easier to deal with than I thought years ago. 

And still, many people don't know the HOW and just want them to go away. 

Pushing them away comes with a price though. 

AND there are convincing reasons why all of us better talk about this topic. To be precise - in this podcast, you'll learn about 6 of them - pretty sure there are even more. 

So, here's what I'm talking about:

1. The 6 reasons WHY it's so important to address this topic (even when we cringe hearing about it. Spoiler alert: this in itself is already a great reason...why - you'll learn while listening in).

2. WHAT emotions I'm actually talking about (I bet you know them all).

3. WHY does it take so much courage not just to talk about but to deal with them.

4. The 4 steps HOW to deal with them (don't miss out on that - probably the most important part)

"Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life" - a quote from a TED talk by Susan David about emotional agility (one of the inspirations to talk about this topic today). 

I agree with her - this is why I step out of my comfort zone regularly. 

Everything we don't master (yet) feels slightly or even massively uncomfortable and our brain screams for comfort and what we're used to. 

With every step though it's getting easier and eventually it becomes even enjoyable. 

So does dealing with ALL emotions too. It makes life (and business, which is simply a part of life) richer, more colourful, more exciting and meaningful. 

Quite worth it - don't you think?




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