The Most Effective Program  to Create High Performing Leadership Teams

Smooth & More Effective Communication Creating Fast Results
Alignment & Direction
Trust and Transparency
Co-Create Greater Value With and For All Stakeholders. 
More Engagement..and Fun At Your Workplace.

This is about deep connections. With self, others in the team and all stakeholders involved. For effective and collective leadership to meet the great challenges of your world.
A complete re-boot . We guarantee it won’t be what you’ve experienced before – we don’t do conventional ‘box ticking’.

Leadership Skill #1:Connecting, Adapting, Innovating, Communicating

Entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals are inherently driven to innovate, inspire and strive to be the best they can be.

"Communicate to connect" will give your team a ground-breaking edge, resulting in more authentic communication leading to deep connections with all critical stakeholders, more confident decision-making, greater personal motivation and the courage to reach further, increase the capacity to live with uncertainty and make a bigger difference. Together.

Leadership Skill #2: Shifting Perspective & Co-Creating

Think differently. See and experience new perspectives. Get new insights which give you and your business a complete re-boot from the inside out. Operating from a place of self-assured certainty, professional people move out of pure thinking and into a deeper knowing that amplifies existing capabilities and means.

We all know about the importance of blending IQ (intellectual intelligence) with EQ (emotional intelligence). Be prepared to activate the full potential of each and every person in the team resulting in much more than the sum of its parts. 

Leadership Skill #3: Having Clarity & Consistent High Performance

You and your team will be able to dissolve obstructions, bring people on-board in a common and clear purpose beyond themselves and foster greater trust in relationships with clients and colleagues alike. 

You will connect and engage with others on a deeper level of truth and fluency and recognise issues (even the previously hidden ones) more quickly, as well as find and deliver solutions that may not have been visible before and fulfill and develop both personal and business goals with a sense of certainty and enjoyment.

Leadership Skill #3: Knowing Your and the Team's Blind Spots

We'll be illuminating blocks - patterns and behaviours -  that may have been stifling business growth. By identifying causes, you can transform results. Old symptoms fade away in the light of renewed creativity, progress and flow.

Armed with practical tools that enable you to take action, your business and career can shine brighter and transform more than ever. 



  • How can we generate absolute clarity about our purpose and a rock solid sense of direction?
  • How can we create instant motivation and energy – when we’re feeling flat or overwhelmed?
  • How can we manage getting out of being stuck and into solutions – freeing ourselves from people and situations that weigh you down?
  • How to have difficult conversations – how to be heard, and guarantee a constructive result?
  • How to create better team collaboration and an alignment of goals and values?
  • What patterns and behaviours drive or hinder our collective performance?
  • Who do we need to partner better with and how to improve those relationships?
  • How can we build and maintain resilience - in the individual and the team?
  • How to remain calm in stressful situations?
  • How to make healthy judgments and decisions with the understanding what really matter?
  • How to deal with and implement change – recognising how it affects you and those around you?
  • How can we take collective leadership?
  • What do we need to do today to ensure we thrive tomorrow?
  • ...and finally: How can we support courage and create a bigger impact?

"“Sustainable – that is the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about the outcome of the workshop with Claudia. Many things have changed in our team: We have all developed a completely different awareness for one of the most important elements of communication: Active listening. The way of how we talk and deal with each other has changed drastically – this is simply WOW. All of the participants wish to deepen their learning and are even prepared to sacrifice a day at the weekend for it. Even those from the team who could not join us in the workshop – as they feel and see what has changed and what’s possible.”"

Renée Classen
Founder and Management futura Montessori Day School Baar/Switzerland

"Claudia conducted a session on Truth Speaking at the Rejection Bootcamp 2019, held at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. The participants loved her presentation. They found the tool she offered very simple, useful and powerful. Claudia has an amazing presence. She makes people feel at ease with the unease. Thank you, Claudia."

Biliana Vassileva
Senior Social Innovation Coach, Consultant & Trainer, Rejection Bootcamp, Geneva/Switzerland

"This was a real transformation for me - and right after the sessions things started falling into place for me, opportunities started opening up and Claudia is kind, compassionate and fun to work with. I can only recommend everybody to go through the process!"

Josh Levent
Business Designer

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