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Free Book Copy: "Who am I and what this has to do with successful, courageous (and human) leadership" 

by Claudia Hesse

The 8 leadership myths
The 7+1 C's of Personal Leadership
The 5 areas which constitute the basis of Personal Leadership
...and some tangible ways of how to shift things (hey, after all knowledge without implementation is...only knowledge)

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The practical guide for the professional and courageous leader in the "new normal"

"“When I understood what leadership is really about, I realized what so many - including myself - have done wrong all those years! Now more than ever, innovative and courageous leaders are needed. We have a unique chance now to (re)shape the businesses which will have a major impact on what kind of world we create and leave for our children. This inspired me to my topic in the book "Brückenbauerinnen” that I had the chance to publish with 5 other amazing women. Grab your copy of my chapter and let's work together to make leadership not just better, but more human...and empowering for everyone""

Claudia Hesse
Author & Creator of Personal Leadership 5.0 and Founder of The Better Workplace

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