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"The 9-Day Smoothie Challenge for Busy People"

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1 Shopping List. 9 Recipes. And lots of knowledge.

"When your health improves, everything shifts. Your enery, your enthusiasm, your results"

- Claudia Hesse, The Better Workplace

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Never Struggle Again... getting enough fruit and veggie into your daily meals. You know this "5 portions a day"-thing? I did struggle  - before I started my daily smoothie routine.

Food is Fun & Taste

Healthy nutrition should be easily managable. And tasty. Who wants to study for hours to make sure that our diet is balanced and healthy on top of all the stuff we are taking care of already? Smoothies are perfect to get the right "stuff" into your system.  Quick and easy. And yummy!

Head Start in Your Day

Starting into the day with the right routines will boost your energy and help you increasing your productivity up to 30%. I did not invent that - that is based upon studies of  people smarter than me. Feeding your body and brain with all the lovely ingredients from fruit and veggies gives you a head start! Try it out.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Get into the flavour – a new smoothie recipe every day – all created and of course tested by me -  and I swear they are absolutely yummy (I tried a lot...some definitely failed)
  • You are busy - so no time for daily shopping. Hence I included a shopping list for ALL ingredients required for the challenge - no time wasted!
  • I will be at your side every day and teach you about what works together…and what doesn't (we had tons of fun doing the videos:-)

Yes, I'm in!

You're about to get daily recipes, a complete shopping list and lots of energy from your daily smoothie vitamin rush. Can't wait to see you!

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