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Energy is basically our engine which doesn't just keep us just going, but enables us to thrive and managing it properly is a huge part of leading ourselves.

And that's not an easy task in our super-demanding world, as I've experienced many times.

I just had a pretty exhausting month and forgot to apply all those nice things I know about boosting or maintaining my energy.

Having noticed that ,I've decide to put together my best energy tips. Short to the point (preferably without adding anything to my already full calendar).

The good news: We don't just have energy, we generate our energy!

AND I have decided to share the stuff I've found really helpful.

Be prepared for some reminders, nudges, but also probably new stuff which you might not have connected with energy so far.

I sincerely hope this helps and gets your energy moving again...in case you're lacking it.

To your energy - Claudia (Founder The Better Workplace)

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