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In the course of the last years I've created a lot of content for Personal Leadership - for body, mind, heart & soul. Concepts, tools, challenges - you name it. Some of it I give away for free. To provide you with a flavour of what could be helpful or to simply share my knowledge and experience. Have fun exploring!

The Crew

"Every day for the last 13 years my constant office and even travel buddy, pug Florentine was by my side. She always listens without complaints and even sometimes grins at my ideas. Or barks at the most inconvenient moments when I record videos or work with clients. And in February we added her pal and rescue puppy Otis. Which added  A LOT of energy to our team. It wouldn't be the same without them :-)
- Claudia Hesse

Resources to enhance communication 

Masterclass: The 9 Essential Steps to become a Master Communicator

Communication makes or breaks relationships. And it's full of traps - often we don't even see them!  In this masterclass Claudia shows the 9 steps to become a masterful communicator and create unstoppable, aligned & powerful relationships, teams & communities...and become an inspiring world-class leader.

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5-Minute Wisdom: What to do when people talk over you (again and again)?

Do you know the feeling when people interrupt you all the time and it's hard to finish a sentence, let alone anything longer? That can be infuriating and very disruptive. In this short video I show you what to do and how to deal with these situations. And as a side effect this will generate more respect from the other person. Promised. 

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Resources to manage your energy & emotions

The 11-Day Energy Challenge to Get you Back on Track

Recharging is not quite as easy as we believe....the body is one thing. Often our energy gets sucked away through mental or emotional burdens. Here's a playful guide of how to get yourself back on track. 

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Reduce Stress Immediately With a Simple Technique

Some years ago I found this easy technique which helps me and my clients re-program typical stress responses: Tapping. Here's an instruction  for adults & kids...and 2 tapping meditations (in English & German) Enjoy!

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The 3-step guide to deal with difficult emotions

Emotions at the workplace are (still) a really sensitive topic. Knowing how to deal with difficult emotions is key. Suppressing them is NOT the solution. Here's the 3-step process (all my clients use) to successfully deal with them. 


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Resources for leadership 

Book Chapter (English) - "Who am I and what this has to do with successful leadership" 

In 2019 Claudia co-authored a book with 5 other talented women in Germany - "The Bridge Builders - Digitalization & Work 4.0". Here's her chapter in English. Enjoy.  

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4 Leadership Masterclasses: Leading in difficult and unpredictable times

Claudia and her accountability buddy, highly experienced coaching colleague Nicola Meier and meanwhile friend teamed up to address the burning topics of leading in difficult times.

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Resources to boost your productivity 

The 10 Secrets You Must Know to Make Meeting MUCH more effective

Meetings take up a HUGE part of our days. And many are a waste of time. Here's how to change it and make the most of our day. And your meetings.

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Higher Productivity & Less Overwhelm Through Visualization 

I learned this method while dipping my toes in the world of Agile Methodologies and simply LOVE it. So easy that even kids can use it. And the perfect tool against overwhelm. In this short video training you'll learn the essentials to start your own board!

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7 Creative Ways of Boosting Your Productivity

Did you ever had the feeling after a busy working day that you have not really achieved anything? Yep, me too. Here are 7 ways of how to avoid that - and to make sure does not happen too often!

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