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You need guidance and practical first class advice to reach the next levels of success, energy and courage. Meet your new mentor!

Claudia Hesse served in leading positions in international IT organisations for 25 years + and understands the challenges, dynamics and....yes, sometimes BS that goes on in many organisations. Her unique program - Personal Leadership Experience 5.0 - has proven to improve courage, performance, confidence, energy and communication drastically, hands-on - and quickly! Now Claudia can become YOUR mentor.


Join the Monthly Mentor Program. Can't wait to work with you. - Claudia Hesse Personal Leadership & High Performance Trainer & Activator

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Let me support you

  • Get unstuck, breakthrough emotional blocks, and determine the EXACT strategies, focus and habits you need to progress and to increase your quality of life & career
  • Implement the research-backed habits shown to help you increase confidence and improve life satisfaction, the quality of your relationships, career impact, and income.
  • Learn how to connect with your real power and to access a level of resilience like you never had before 
  • Become more productive and create impact.
  • Boost your motivation .
  • Lead & influence others and drastically improve all your relationships!
  • Unlearn what's in your way of living YOUR truth and communicating with courage
  • Learn strategies of how to drive change in the face of adversity and opposition and to take quick and sustainable decisions.
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You know you deserve more in your life, right?

Sometimes, we just need help to reach it. Here's how you know if a mentor is the right choice to guide you to your full potential. 

Let's face it, you've been working too long (and too hard!) NOT to have more clarity, happiness, balance and peace of mind at this stage of your life.

Often, the first step to a BIG BREAKTHROUGH is being honest with ourselves - also called AWARENESS. 

It's about facing reality and checking in with yourself if you really live the life and have the job you want - and to stir up your commitment to improve your life, right now.

It's also about realizing you'll need SUPPORT to reach the next level of what you define as success in your life. 

Just like professional athletes need a coach to improve, leaders like you need a mentor to see  your actions to you, show you a better way, keep you on track, and help you un-learning to accelerate your results 10x.

That's why this moment is important for you. 

Today, I'm offering to coach & mentor you and train you on the very same principles and  strategies for thriving I've taught leaders in the UN and other NGO organisations, bio-tech companies and IT leaders all over the world.

I bring something unique to the table: 30 years of industry experience, 15 years as a successful entrepreneur building up 2 businesses, creator of the world's quickest and most effective personal leadership program and many happy clients. They prove without a doubt my coaching and training can improve your courage, quality of life through a newly acquired life balance and a higher level of happiness & resilience.

I'm here for you, saying:

“Let me support you and keep you on the right track for you every month. Let me challenge you, mirror back to you what you can't see and help you grow. Let me assist you develop the mind and heartset, habits, and personal power required to change your life and career to the better. I'm here for you, every month. Let's do this!”

But listen...

Today, I'm not asking you to trust me.

I'm asking you to TRUST that voice in your head -- and that feeling in your gut -- that says it's time for you to change something in your life. 

It's time to clarify your direction, maybe even purpose - at THIS STAGE of your life - and boldly adjust your vision, mindset, relationships, habits, and focus so that you can achieve more fulfilment, balance and freedom in life.

You just have to signup to be part of  my PLeX (Personal Leadership Experience) mentoring program. 

What is it?

Every month, I coach and train my mentees on how to reach their definition of success and high performance in their life and we tackle current and actual challenges OR dig deep when they realise that they move in circles. They get the unfair advantage of the latest strategies, research and tools that help them get ahead of others, design their dream life, and lead and contribute at the highest levels.

You can sign up now and cancel anytime.

You can make a change in your life RIGHT NOW. Here's what you get...

Get my monthly mentoring

"Claudia is really an amazing person to talk and work with. She’s warm, kind, open, brings a fountain of positive energy and makes you feel welcome and at ease." 

Anthony F. , WHO

Who asks for support?

People ready for change & grow. People committed to owning their life. People who want a proven path to their version of success.

From business leaders in IT, science and global health to entrepreneurs  I've supported people succeeding in getting the courage to living the life and having the career they really want.  

You can get here faster. You can get greater clarity and a higher level of confidence. You can find more peace of mind, boost your productivity and revamp your relationships. Get support from a professional to level up (I do that too!). You just need consistent instructions and a qualified mentor with real-life business experience.That's what the MONTHLY MENTOR delivers for you.




"After those session I really lit up and I choose to be happy. My situation did not change, but my feelings and emotions have changed. It helped me to be more confident and I was amazed how a few small things could trigger so much change. For me it was life-changing and I feel in control and charge now!"

Lynn B., Entrepreneur


PLeX Monthly Mentor

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  • 1:1 MENTORING call every month with Claudia for 1.5 hour!
  • Recording available after the calls
  • 3 months free access to the Personal Leadership Academy Video library
  • $397 Work-Life Balance 4 week- course, FREE upon signup!
Pay as you go - monthly




  • 1:1 MENTORING calls (1.5 hours/month) for 3 months 
  • Same benefits as monthly mentoring: Recording available after the calls, 3 months free access to the Personal Leadership Academy Video library, $197 Work-Life Balance 4 week- course
  • BONUS: Meeting Mastery Online Course
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