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ALIGNED - APPLICATION ONLY - The Exclusive Program/Community for Female Leaders With Kids

From exhausted "superwoman" to being an authentic, confident & relaxed leader, a patient, guilt-free mum and a pa...

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PleX 5.0 - THE Most Effective 1:1 Leadership Program for Top Leaders - From Great to Excellent

$5,900.00 USD

Get access to the most important leadership skills of the current decade, experience how to tap into your potential w...

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Stay On Track: Personal 1:1 Mentoring Once a Month

$450.00 USD every month

The perfect package to stay on track and get an outside view from an experienced coach once a month. A monthly s...

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PERSONAL MASTERY: Activating the 4 Pillars of YOUR Power

$99.00 USD

Activate your intrinsic powers in a quick, playful and at the same time incredibly effective way - the experiential o...

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