PERSONAL MASTERY: Activating the 4 Pillars of YOUR Power

Activate your intrinsic powers in a quick, playful and at the same time incredibly effective way - the experiential one.

Who is it for?

Are you a successful leader female leader** and stressed by to much work, many demands pulling at you from different sides, tight deadlines and simply too little time and difficult people and you find yourself reacting to some words/people and situations in the same for you harmful way again and again - THESE powers are just right for you to shift that immediately. 

Your Results

  • Eliminate Stress, overwhelm and overthinking
  • Create the (relaxed) reality you really want
  • Help you achieve your goals easily
  • Shift harmful habits in minutes

No quick fix or time-management tricks - just a unique & sustainable process that works and straight talk from a woman, leader and mum who's figured it out. You will FEEL a difference right away and that's what's so powerful  - the learning drops right from your head into your heart. 

What you get

  • 5 Videos
  • One for a deep dive into Personal Mastery
  • 4 Videos with hands-on exercises to achieve the results listed above
  • A list of action items

Your Coach

Claudia Hesse - founder of The Better Workplace and Executive and Personal Leadership Coach - explains and more importantly - shows you in an easy and playful way of how to use not just your mind but also your body intelligence to shift old patterns and views immediately. The infamous drop from the head into your heart as you EXPERIENCE the concepts right away - so you can start implementing them into your life immediately for swift results. 

Can't wait to see you inside.

** this method of activation also supports men, of course - so if you'd like to jump in as a man, feel free...I might just address you as beautiful woman ;-). 


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