Meeting Mastery Course

The Master Class for Organizers AND Participants of Meetings, for Succesful Meetings, Tangible Results and Massive Time Savings for Achieving Your Goals Quicker and in a More Effective Way!

  • Hours of amazing video content designed to teach you everything you need to know about succesful meetings
    • Planning - and why less is more
    • Preparation - and how rules rock
    • Execution - and the 2 most important questions to ask at the end of a meeting
    • Why most meetings suck (are you ready for that?)
    • ... and last but not least the Follow-Up
  • Downloadable resources
    • Including the 1-Page-Meeting Planner for successful leaders
    • 1 Page Meeting Guide for Participants (guess you are being invited to meetings next to planning them - the right tools to not become the victim of bad meetings not organized by you)

Your Bonuses

  • FREE EBook: The 10 Secrets for Successful Meetings
  • FREE Video Lesson:"How to visualize your work and get more done while working on less"

No risk

  • I will grant you a life time access to this course, so you benefit from updates and new additions throughout the years!
  • You will love this course - I sincerely hope. If not - you can ask for your money back within 30 days. No questions asked.

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Meeting Mastery Course

Get back valuable time for the important things in life and business while mastering how to organize successful meetings (for organizers), when to attend or avoid a meeting and why (for participants). With Bonus material for more effectivity (Free Video Training) and the eBook with the 10 Secrets of Successful Meetings!      

$97.00 USD