PleX 5.0 - THE Most Effective 1:1 Leadership Program for Top Leaders - From Great to Excellent

Get access to the most important leadership skills of the current decade, experience how to tap into your potential while becoming a master communicator, enhance your relationships and find your superpowers, which will boost your confidence, reveal your truth and create a level of courage, creativity and resilience you did not know exists. Add a tad of magic and you'll have a glimpse of what this is all about. 

THE best and most comprehensive package for mastering Personal Leadership you can find!

This 6-month 1:1 program includes TBW founder and lead coach Claudia Hesse supporting you to boost your productivity, manage your energy and relationships and to grow the mind- and heartset to a completely new level. 

What you'll get:

  • Work with Claudia exclusively 1:1 for 6 months - 3 intensive sessions and subsequent monthly sessions of 1.5 hours - getting close guidance while learning to activate your power centres inside yourself
  • Coaching report and review after 6 months
  • Get online resources for each and every chapter, supporting your progress 
  • Become a great communicator with a high level of REAL resilience (no armour)
  • Boost your confidence, clarity and courage (to speak and live your truth)
  • Develop a life vision which will serve as a North-Star for the rest of your life 
  • Learn how to connect mind, body, spirit and heart in such a way that you can shift thoughts and emotions whenever it benefits you
  • Learn about the 7+1 C's of Personal Leadership and why they are so important to leverage your career and other parts of your life
  • Find out about the 5 secrets of EVERY relationship and how you can build the greatest connections you ever had
  • Get connected with your energy sources - mentally, emotionally and physically - so you can kickstart every day and feel ALIVE
  • Dealing with high-stress situations
  • Establishing and boosting productivity habits of High Performers

Disclaimer: All results depend on how much each client is willing to look inside themselves and on their commitment to implement the learnings (and un-learnings) into their life. The trainer is not responsible for any action following out of the program.


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