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I was tired of wasting time in meetings - so I developed this

productivity Oct 10, 2016


Have you ever spent time in completely useless meetings where you came out and knew that you had completely and utterly wasted your time…or you notice a bit later, when nothing discussed in the meeting ever comes true or is being implemented?

Probably a stupid question...I bet you have. I certainly have, particularly during my time working for large corporates (but not only then).

I was even guilty of planning just that kind of really time wasting embarrassing!

Complex and overwhelming… heading towards burnout

Our world has become rather complex, super busy and overwhelming a lot of the time - what a contrast to 20 years ago, when things were so much slower, less information was streaming our way and we had simply more time to finish and accomplish things.  The level of urgency was a completely different one than we have today.

A high volume of long meetings increases the pressure we all experience today, and if they result in nothing or...

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How to know what is important and what is urgent - with 2 key questions

productivity Oct 03, 2016

Rather want to watch a video than reading on: click here!

When was the last time you came into the office and while checking your e-mails in the morning – grave mistake by the way – all those demands from loads of people were streaming towards you.

Skype, messenger, whatsapp….slack….you name it- all channels where the “urgent” stuff comes in.

Your mailbox is a great place for others to get their stuff done

I know exactly how that feels. In actual fact my grown up daughter is absolutely great in trying to get my attention for supposedly really urgent stuff. Of course I am only a skype call away. Or a click on the send button in the e-mail. “I urgently need this document to be proof read…can you please do that today?” (subtext: because I want to get that done….and I know you are good with this).

All those communication tools are a perfect way for other people to get their agenda organized…

…and we can...

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Why Visualizing your Work Gets things done faster…and increases trust


Have you ever had the feeling that despite your best intentions and efforts you cannot escape the fact that your life has become not only complicated, but also rather complex and super busy most of the time with workloads which seem to be unmanageable?



Work – tasks – responsibilities, deadlines or even re-creative activities compete for our attention….and as we know, our brain is not good at handling multiple things at the same time.

Finally this makes you feel overwhelmed and out of control.

Well – I definitely know the feeling.

When – years ago - I found myself as a single mom with a full time job and eventually my own business, I struggled a lot getting things done and sometimes, after a super busy day, I often had the feeling that I had achieved nothing, or at least not much….despite working all day.

I tried a lot of productivity tools - none of them with a lasting effect. Sounds familiar?

The revelation…and a...

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How to create a perfect meeting agenda

planning productivity May 08, 2016


Have you ever attended meetings where there was no agenda or just a vague idea of one?

Basically you have no idea what to expect from the meeting and the likelihood that you opt out or get bored out of your tree is VERY large. Without a clear idea of what is going to happen how can you prepare anything? Simply put, you can't.

But did you ever dare to NOT attend a meeting your boss is inviting you to?

It’s not that long ago when I attended a meeting with two business partners where the main outline was: Let’s get together to talk about our future strategy. Nothing else.

I went and took my tree in case I needed something to be bored out of. Lovely meeting place (after all this summer was great), the coffee was superb…and we even got cake! An agenda was still nowhere in sight.

When everybody was there (one was late, so half an hour was already gone before actually starting – except eating cake of course) we actually spent another 20 minutes putting...

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